Miners Rejoice: 4-Month High Bitcoin Dominance

Miners Rejoice: 4-Month High Bitcoin Dominance

In a recent development, Bitcoin miners have reason to celebrate. Mining profitability reached levels not seen since July 3, 2023. The surge in mining profitability comes as welcome news for Bitcoin dominance.

Hashprice on the Rise

One key factor contributing to this surge in profitability is the increase in Bitcoin’s Hashprice. This metric is crucial for miners as it measures the value of their computing power or hashrate. The Hashprice has risen to $79 per Petahash (PH) per day, reflecting an impressive 11% increase week-over-week from $71/PH/day. For context, miners with 1 PH of mining equipment can now anticipate daily revenues of $79. Since 1 PH is approximately equivalent to 10 Bitcoin mining computers, this translates to roughly $7.90 per day for a standard Bitcoin mining ASIC, such as the S19j Pro.

Bitcoin Profit Boost Explained

The boost in profitability can be attributed to several factors. While the market experienced a Bitcoin revival in the last two weeks, it still is not the sole driver. Transaction fees in the Bitcoin network have also seen significant growth. Bitcoin miners earn revenue from newly minted bitcoins in the blocks they mine, as well as transaction fees paid by users for transferring funds.

Data from the Hashrate Index indicates that transaction fees have constituted 4.94% of Bitcoin mining revenue on a week-over-week basis, compared to 2.94% in the previous week. This marks a notable 68% increase in transaction fees as a portion of mining revenue. Over the last 24 hours, transaction fees have accounted for 10.9% of Bitcoin to USD mining revenue. That way demonstrating their significant impact on miners’ profitability.

Rise in Bitcoin Bull Run Due to Transaction Fees

The sudden increase in transaction fees can be attributed to the growing interest in Bitcoin-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs), particularly the BRC-20 tokens. These NFTs have attracted a substantial following within the crypto community, leading to a surge in demand for Bitcoin transactions. As a result, transaction fees have risen, adding to the profitability of Bitcoin mining.

In summary, the Bitcoin mining community is experiencing a notable surge in profitability. This is due to the combined effect of an increasing hashprice and the surging interest in NFTs, driving transaction fees higher. As Bitcoin dominance continues due to this profitable trend, they are likely to reap substantial rewards, marking a significant turnaround from the challenges they faced in previous months.