Leap in Semiconductor Chip Design Tech – Samsung-IBM Project

Leap in Semiconductor Chip Design Tech – Samsung-IBM Project

Samsung and IBM have announced that they have reached a breakthrough in the design of semiconductor chips. At the IEDM forum in the US, tech titans disclosed that they had brand-new advanced machinery for stacking transistors vertically. This, in turn, means more improved energy efficiency and higher performance.

The stream semiconductor chips deceit on the area of the silicon, and the present movements side by side. With the new design from Samsung and IBM, the transistors stand perpendicular to the surface of the chip, and the power flows vertically. This allows companies to overcome Moore’s law enforcement restrictions. In addition to promoting energy savings due to low energy consumption.

The new technology is called VTFET. The companies hope that the chip design technology will offer 85% improved energy efficiency compared to FinFET designs. Energy-intensive tasks such as crypto-mining can become highly energy efficient. This will have a law brunt on the environment.

Samsung and IBM have not yet announced when VTFET will be available in commercial products. In parallel, other competing firms, such as Intel, are working on Angstrom-scale chips. Intel plans to launch such chips under the Intel 20A brand by the end of 2024.

Market Issues and Samsung

It is worth noting that the storage of global chips has affected almost every business in the world. This has also impacted Samsung, which already has its chip manufacturing facilities. Experts predict that the current situation will continue in 2022. The president of Samsung Mobile said that the company will consider the shortage of chips in the world until the second quarter of next year.

At the same time, Samsung is making several efforts to solve this problem. First, Samsung Mobiles lobbies for annual contracts with semiconductor foundry firms to maximize chip manufacturing capabilities. In parallel, Samsung’s mobile business will gain up to four weeks of semiconductor stock in two weeks from today. It is expected that this action will further reduce the effect of market volatility.

Current processes of chips around the world are likely to affect the release dates of Samsung smartphones as well. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition smartphone should come in January. The Galaxy S22 series should come in February. Many think that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone will be unveiled at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas from January 5-8.

The CEO of Qualcomm believes that the shortage of chips in the world is gradually decreasing, and next year will be much more promising. At the same time, it is worth noting that the supply of chips in the world in 2021 has improved compared to last year. When the Samsung-IBM Project sees the light of day, we will hear from the company shortly.