Safilo Announces Release of Imprint 3D Technology

Safilo Announces Release of Imprint 3D Technology

Safilo Group, the eyewear company, has announced the release of Imprint 3D technology. The technology, developed through Safilo’s proprietary brand, Smith, aims to eliminate all one-size-fits-all approaches to sports equipment; In parallel, apply a variety of facial shapes.

Imprint 3D technology has already released 3D printed snow glasses. The technology eliminated light leaks due to poor adjustment, increased the comfort of the goggle, removed hot and pressure points. In addition, the goggle has a more comprehensive view. I/O Mag Imprint 3D glasses users use Smith’s custom app to scan their faces. This allows the frame to perform 3D printing, digitally generated and then assembled. The individual characteristics of each user are taken into account when creating a unique goggle, which makes each frame universal and personal.

Safilo’s 360 digital transformation continues. Over the past year, the brand has introduced many innovations in D2C and B2B fields. The company was the first to explore the specific applications of new technologies. It is noteworthy that the glasses are already available in North America via Smith.


Safilo Group

The company Safilo has been operating since 1934. It is one of the oldest players in the Italian eyewear industry. Over the years, the group’s exports to many European countries, including the Americas and Africa, have expanded. 

Safilo manufactures frames, sunglasses, ski goggles, helmets, under its five home companies and 32 licensed brands. One of them is the famous Smith Optics, which makes military-grade glasses. Their products are produced in Italian facilities. In addition, they have additional plants in Slovenia, the USA, and China. The products are sold worldwide, in 130 countries. In 2012, Safilo was the second-largest optical frame and sunglasses company.

Safilo also appeared on the Asian market in the 1990s and was acquired by several companies to expand its services. In early 2019, its stake in Safilo, a subsidiary of its subsidiary Multibrands Italy B.V., HAL Holdings N.V., increased to 49.8%.

In 2020, the group completed the acquisition of Privé Revaux and Blenders Eyewear. These are two digitally native brands equipped with a robust e-commerce business model. Brands can enrich a portfolio at a crucial moment in group development and evolution.

We wonder what a new type of product will bring to the company and how good will be the feedback from consumers. However, it seems that Safilo is successfully continuing the history, and despite the pandemic, technological changes are on their way.