Kiplar Review

Kiplar Review

Kiplar – the broker with over 10 000 assets

Before we proceed with our review, please remember that Futures, Options, and forex trading all have large potential monetary rewards, but they also have large potential risk. Before making any type of important financial decision, make sure to analyze all the information you can get your hands on.


Kiplar Review - Online trading in over 10000 financial markets

General Information: Kiplar Review

Kiplar is a brand-new broker, that began operations only earlier this year. As soon as you enter their website, it becomes apparent that their aim is to break into the Russian market. However, the fact that the entire website is in Russian can be partially circumvented by using Google translate.

The broker operates from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Their exact location is Beachmont Business Centre, Suite 76, Kingstown.

Kiplar, unlike many new brokers, is stuck to a classic formula and seems to provide a quality service without adding any gimmicks. The way the broker functions reminds us of many established brokers because what they offer is quite straight-forward. There are no custom platforms or flashy bonuses, simply good features that we are all familiar with.

Here are some of Kiplar’s strongest points:

Kiplar Review: general information

 · Transparency

Kiplar excels in providing transparency, and in two specific ways. Firstly, their website is quite informative and has an intuitive layout. That means you will be able to get all the info you need without relying on outside sources. Secondly, the platform they use ensures lightning-fast execution time-frames, so the prices you see are the prices you’ll get.

 · Good Pricing

To add to their fund transparency, the broker promises some of the best prices you can find. It’s apparent that making good trades depends on how your assets are priced, so trading with Kiplar might make it significantly easier to achieve profits.

 · No Fees at Kiplar

As experienced traders know, commissions when trading, depositing, or withdrawing can kill your potential earnings. Even the smallest fees of around 1% can amount to thousands of dollars over years or months, depending on how prolific a trader you are. And if you look at the potential fees as lost money, it becomes clear why having none is a significant benefit.

Kiplar broker’s Funds, Trading and Security 

funds trading and security

Security is a sensitive topic in the brokerage world today, as a lot of brokers aim to gain a quick profit by scamming customers rather than providing a quality service that retains customers long-term. That situation is typically caused by the simple fact that it’s easier to trick people and take off, than to successfully satisfy your customers.

That might make you wonder which side Kiplar falls on. And while it’s impossible to be certain, we’d say that they’re among the ones aiming for long-term satisfaction. Some customers, however, might get frightened by what seems to be a lack of license. However, we would like to remind you that getting a license takes time, and as a newly established broker, Kiplar might have started the process already. Also, it’s entirely possible that it’s an oversight, and they simply haven’t shared the regulation info on their website.

As for their reputation, it’s pristine so far, and the red flags typically found on scam sites are absent. That means Kiplar is clear on all counts except for licensing, which we’re certain they’ll sort out soon.


Trading Accounts at Kiplar

Sadly, there are no demo account options at Kiplar. However, their cheapest live account will only set you back $250. That ensures that you can test out the service they provide and pull out safely if you end up disliking it.

One significant benefit, however, is that the broker remembered to do the pricing and typing on their accounts right. Many today do not separate accounts at all, so there’s little incentive to invest more. Kiplar has four regular categories that you can achieve by investing, but even further than that, they provide a VIP option for their most loyal customers.

Achieving VIP status ensures that each penny you invest will be valued, as the company will go above and beyond to cater to your needs. Even before that, however, each account provides good specifications for its cost. Here are some details about each account type:

Trading Accounts at Kiplar

 ·  Student

Minimum Deposit: $250

Leverage up to 1: 400

Access to MetaTrader 5

Version for PC and mobile devices

Web trader

Learning Center

Price notices

No commissions


 ·  Advanced

Minimum Deposit: $2500

Leverage up to 1: 400

Maximum trade size 10.00

Account manager

Individual trading strategy

Access to MetaTrader 5

Learning Center

Price notices


 · Specialist

Minimum Deposit: $25000

Personal portfolio

Exclusive market analytics

Analysis tools

ALL assets in MetaTrader 5

Fixed or floating prices

Learning Center

Price notices

 · Premium

Minimum Deposit: $10000

Hedging allowed

Fixed prices

Personal portfolio

Exclusive market analytics

Learning Center

Price notices

Analysis tools


 · VIP

Minimum Deposit: /

Invite only

Low fixed prices

Negative balance protection

Hedging allowed

Analysis tools

Exclusive market analytics

Learning Center

Price notices


Trading Conditions 

You’ve already seen a lot of the trading conditions at Kiplar if you’ve looked through the account specifications, but let’s go through them one more time. You get decent leverage of 1:400, which is enough to assist you without letting you go too wild. The spreads are tight, although they are floating, and there are multiple tools set in place to help you make the right decisions.

To add to that, the security of the website is up to modern standards, and there’s a healthy variety of assets you can pick from. All the deposit and withdrawal methods are quick, and as we stated earlier in our Kiplar review, fee-free. So, you will not lose a portion of your gains by default.

The account typing is great and offers something for traders of any skill set. On top of that, the accounts are laid out, so they’ll naturally help you progress if you’re a new trader. Overall, the trading conditions are not without flaw but are quite impressive for a broker that’s under a year old.


Review of High-Tech Trading Platform  with Kiplar 

Trading Platform

The platform Kiplar decided to use is MetaTrader5. The choice is, by all accounts, is a great one. As MetaTrader is famous worldwide for creating a stable, functional software. Not only that, but the intuitive user interface allows new traders to jump in and start trading without much delay. For more experienced traders, an array of analytical tools will help make accurate predictions and make a consistent profit.

Not only that, but the platform also provides a web client that can be accessed from any desktop without the need to download anything. That’s a huge convenience for those that often change the places they trade from. The web client loses virtually no functionality compared to the downloadable one, so you are still getting the full package.

Lastly, there’s a mobile app that traders can use to finish their business while they’re unable to access a desktop device. All you need to do is go to either the Apple App or Google Play store and download the software free of any charge. After that, a stable connection and mobile data are all you need to trade wherever you are.

All the data across your devices will be synced, which means you won’t need to worry about your trading history becoming disorganized.


Kiplar’s Trading Products 

While the exact extent of trading products at Kiplar is a bit of a mystery due to their website being in Russian, it’s clear that the variety is there. We can see the categories under which they sort their assets, which means that all the bases are covered. Here are the categories of products you will be able to buy and sell:

  • Currency pairs
  • Raw materials and energy carriers
  • Stock indices and stocks
  • Precious metals

Customer Support: in case you need help 

The customer support at Kiplar consists of the classic email, phone line, and live chat trio. You can reach them 24/5, so while you are out of luck during the weekend, night owls can get their problems solved and questions answered.

Phone Number: +18194860127

Email: [email protected]

Kiplar contact information

Kiplar Review Conclusion

Kiplar provides a service that, while imperfect, rivals well-established brokers. The company does not try to innovate too much and sticks with what works. As such, some might view their offer as dull. But being unexciting in the world of online brokerage is often a good thing, as it indicates long-term stability and quality.

Despite the lack of gimmicks, you can try out Kiplar as it covers all the basic needs of a trader. They have decent leverage, good account typing, solid asset variety, good security, and a great platform. While nothing stands out especially, all those factors combined offers a good service, which only promises to grow in the future.