Grayscale CEO, Bitcoin, and Optimistic Stance of Industry

Grayscale CEO, Bitcoin, and Optimistic Stance of Industry

Let us analyze the crypto market. CEO of Grayscale said that Bitcoin (BTC) would win. It is because both a Biden or a Trump election victory will result in more ‘brr’ or the expansion of the United States dollar supply.

Whether it is a Donald Trump reelection, or a Democratic sweep led by Joe Biden, BTC will most likely thrive.  Industry executives, including Grayscale and DCG CEO Barry Silbert, say that both outcomes would buoy Bitcoin.

Despite the glaring election risk, the optimistic stance of industry executives comes after the Bitcoin study of Grayscale.

Grayscale is a significant, cryptocurrency investment firm. Under management, it has $7.6 billion in net assets. So, Grayscale released a study on October 27. The study highlighted that the potential market for Bitcoin has significantly expanded in 2020.

Grayscale, in 2019, discovered that thirty-six percent of investors in the United States were interested in investing in BTC. This year, fifty-five percent of investors in the United States look at BTC.

Thus, the study says that the interest is on the rise. More than half of the United States investors look to invest in Bitcoin in 2020. Fifty-five percent (more than a half) of survey respondents expressed interest in BTC investment products. Thus, it is a remarkable increase from 36% of investors from 2019.


The rise of nearly twenty percent is exhibiting a substantial increase in mainstream awareness within a short period. Also, it coincides with the growing demand for BTC vfrom institutions following impressive plus two hundred percent recovery of Bitcoin since March.

There are substantial fundamental factors behind Bitcoin. Moreover, there is a rapidly growing demand. Thus, it may offset the election risk in the fourth quarter.

An incredibly positive statistic shows an apparent increase in demand for Bitcoin in 2020. It is the rate at which individuals’ interest in Bitcoin become actual buyers.

Out of the individuals that intended to invest in BTC, eighty-three percent purchased Bitcoin, According to Grayscale.

The researchers wrote that among those who invested in Bitcoin, eighty-three percent made investments within the last year. Thus, it indicates that digital currencies are an attractive component of modern portfolios of investment.

The higher conversation rate is important from interested individuals to investors. It is because the potential market of Bitcoin has rapidly expanded.

The potential market in the United States of around thirty-two million investors is not including other significant markets like Asia and Europe.

That is the current news concerning the crypto market.

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