Experts Advise Buying Apple, Microsoft, and IBM While Low

Experts Advise Buying Apple, Microsoft, and IBM While Low

The last months were turbulent for stocks. After the coronavirus’ outbreaks, the countries went into lockdown, and most of the businesses suspended. The governments are working to boost the economy, employing different measures.

After a record of 3.28 million workers applied for unemployment benefits this month, the U.S. Senate voted for a $2 trillion stimulus plan. The money is set to provide direct payments to Americans, extend additional resources to health-care providers, beef up unemployment insurance, and provide loans to companies.

However, such measures only go so far, and as the virus cases grow, the stocks continue to decline. Still, some of the major stocks are trading on the record low price presently, and experts recommend to grab them now.

Which Major Tech Stocks are Currently Available for Lower Prices?

The answer is almost all. But some of them are especially desirable, like market giants, such as Apple stock, or Microsoft. Apple is still on the top of the ladder despite the company’s statement that it would probably fall short of its quarterly sales guidance.

Apple had to close its manufacturing centers and stores in China and other countries. Which caused a decline in its sales. However, analysts think that the company’s sales will rise by 3.3% in 2020.

Microsoft’s longer-term earnings revisions remain largely positive so far. But the company also warned Wall Street that the pandemic would likely cause it to miss its personal computing sales guidance.

According to the analysts, the stock’s sales may jump by 12.3% and 11.4%, respectively, in fiscal2020 and 2021, with its EPS, also set to rise by 18.5% and 12.3%.

IBM is also a strong buy. The stock showed good growth in the fourth-quarter revenue, gaining 21%. This company aims to become a cloud powerhouse. Arvind Krishna, IBM’s new chief executive, has already played a key role in shifting the firm’s focus to the cloud, quantum computing, and AI.

According to experts, IBM’s fiscal 2020 earnings could jump by 4%, with its revenue is set to rise by at least 1% over the year.

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