Three stocks under $10 price with high growth potential

Three stocks under $10 price with high growth potential

The stock market traded into the longest bullish stretch during the last 11 years at the beginning of 2020. However, after the coronavirus spread worldwide, the majority of the stocks ended in the red. Until now, investors had a hard time finding cheap stocks, as the prices skyrocketed due to the continued rallies. That isn’t a problem anymore. Since the market entered into the bearish territory, most of the futures became available for the traders.

Here are three stocks, which trade under 10$ per share. According to the analysts, all of them have good potential for future growth. They advise grabbing these shares while prices are still low. Although experts also warned that some of them contain higher-than-average risk.


The shares of this home security company fell almost by 75% from their $14 offering after the massive sell-offs on the market. However, ADT presently trades for under four times the expected 2020 earnings. Furthermore, the company is focusing on growing areas like automation, mobile security, and the smart home, while refinancing debt at more favorable rates. Experts recommend this stock as a strong buy.


This stock rallied last year, gaining more than 50%. However, its shares trade below double digits. And impressive recent growth, coupled with Zynga’s portfolio of popular games, make the stock one of the best buy under $10. Especially now, as the people are turning to mobile devices for entertainment while enduring the social distancing due to the pandemic.

Century Casinos

This sub-$50 million gaming company owns and operates casinos and racetracks in the U.S., Canada, and Poland, as well as five ship-based casinos. The coronavirus pandemic has severely hurt Century Casinos. However, if it survives the current crisis, the stock may skyrocket and recover all losses. The company acquired three casinos in December, which further raises the chance of higher profits. Analysts think that this stock has enormous potential. It only needs to weather the current storms.