Countries of the Eurozone and the United States of America

Countries of the Eurozone and the United States of America

Let us check the situation in the United States. Countries of the eurozone gradually remove restrictions. Nevertheless, the Spanish Parliament is debating extending the state of emergency. Moreover, Germany considers devolving power to states.

Surpassing Italy despite substantially flattening the curve, the United Kingdom’s toll from COVID-19 is nearing 30,000. British PM, Boris Johnson, deliberates what limits lifting polls showing most Brits remain wary. The British Chamber of Commerce is saying that most businesses can return to normal within a few days. GPB/USD pair has been trading in the 1.24 handle.

For the first quarter, New Zealand’s job figures beat expectations with the Unemployment Rate standing at 4.2% The Final Retail Sales figures for March were upgraded to a jump of 8.5%. Thus, the Australian dollar gained ground.

Meanwhile, after staging an impressive recovery, oil prices edged lower. Investors of oil are due out later in the day. Texas producers refrain from cuts of coordinated output.

The situation in the United States

With Bitcoin trading around $9,000, cryptocurrencies have been consolidating previous gains.

With the United States dollar and the yen consolidating its gains, the mood of the market is disparate. Moreover, oil remains on the back foot. Stocks remain cautiously optimistic. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, continues to strain tensions with China. Moreover, nearby Payrolls of ADP are being followed.

Thus, the White House sticks with an offensive position concerning China. The White House is stating that the coronavirus most probably escaped from the lab of Wuhan. Nonetheless, it is an extremely controversial claim. Thus, the trade deal between China and the United States is at stake.

Donald Trump wants to disband the coronavirus task force to reopen the economy. Thus, the President focuses on opening the economy again. He wants to return to normal, even though people will suffer because there is no other option. Over 70,00 died from the disease in the United States.

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