Bitcoin fell, ranking as its worst month since May

Bitcoin fell, ranking as its worst month since May

Bitcoin remains at its recent drop. It left the token on route for its worst monthly decline since the beginning of May.

The volatile token traded at about $48,000 on Wednesday in Singapore, after a near 8% drop from a day earlier. According to tracker CoinGecko, it’s reverted some 17% this month. It happened while the more extensive crypto universe fell about $265 billion of market value.

Demand for the most speculative assets weakened as 2021 came to a close, partly as the Fed drew back on the stimulus.

Global macro strategist with Medley Global Advisors LLC, Ben Emons, said there’s talk of a leveraged evolve in Bitcoin. He added that it could be a drag-on risk sentiment for a very short period.

Strategists watch vital technical classes to figure out clues about Bitcoin’s outlook.

Founder and managing partner of Fairlead Strategies, Katie Stockton, said Bitcoin’s next level of support would be around $44,300. She said that based on a Fibonacci retracement.


The token’s wobble has reduced its year-to-date climb to about 66% this month. However, it is still ahead of traditional investments like commodities and global equities.

Crypto converts hope the Bitcoin bull market returns and points the digital asset back at the record high of nearly $68,900. Among their arguments is the controversial idea that the token presents a hedge against inflation.

Chief executive officer of crypto exchange CoinList, Graham Jenkin, said that Bitcoin needs time to become a superior asset to invest in that would definitely happen in the future.

A drop in trading volumes over the Christmas holidays could exacerbate price movements. Founder of market analysis, advisory, and money management firm Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, said referring to the recent performance, that he would classify this as low-volume holiday-season funk.