USD/INR Targets 84.00 Amidst Bullish Trends

USD/INR Targets 84.00 Amidst Bullish Trends

Key Points:

  • The USD/INR pair is nearing the critical 83.50 level, with sights set on a potential move to 84.00.
  •  Current indicators suggest bullish momentum for USD, influenced by economic forecasts and market sentiment.

The USD/INR pair has shown significant movements as the Indian Rupee (INR) continues its decline, largely influenced by the increased demand for the US Dollar (USD) towards the month’s end, particularly from importers. This has led to a sustained bullish outlook for the USD against the INR. Looking at the recent trends, the Rupee’s weakening can be attributed to key economic indicators and market sentiment, favouring the Dollar over the short to medium term.

Critical USD/INR Levels: 83.50 Resistance, 83.23 Support

The currency pair has been trading near critical levels, with immediate resistance at 83.50, the peak on April 15. Should the pair surpass this level, the next target lies at 83.72, the all-time high, with the potential to push towards 84.00. However, support is forming at 83.23, the low on April 26. Additionally, more support is around 83.15. This level is highlighted by the 100-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). Finally, there is support at 82.78, identified by the low on January 15. These levels are crucial for traders to monitor as they could indicate potential reversals or confirmations of the ongoing trend.

Upcoming Economic Indicators: ISM PMI, HSBC PMI

In the US, indicators like the ISM Manufacturing PMI and the employment report are pivotal in shaping market expectations. Similarly, indicators such as the HSBC Manufacturing PMI for April gauge India’s economic pulse. The upcoming release of this data will provide further insights into the manufacturing sector’s performance, a significant driver of the Rupee’s strength. Positive results could provide the Rupee with much-needed support against the Dollar.

Anticipating Fed Rate Decision on USD/INR

Market participants highly anticipate the Federal Reserve interest rate decision and Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference. A cautious stance by Powell could strengthen the USD as investors look for safe havens. Additionally, the release of India’s manufacturing PMI could swing the momentum for the INR if the data reflects greater economic stability and growth. These events are critical in determining the short-term direction of the USD/INR exchange rate.

Market Outlook: Bullish on USD with RSI at 55

The current market sentiment is influenced by technical indicators such as the 100-day EMA and the 14-day Relative Strength Index, which stands at 55, suggesting the market is bullish territory for the USD. Analysts have expressed continuous confidence in India’s economic stability, which supports Indian equities and could potentially bolster the INR shortly. However, the overall market outlook remains cautious as traders and investors closely watch the key economic releases and central bank cues to adjust their strategies accordingly.