Netflix Has About 5M Users with A Lower Subscription

Netflix Has About 5M Users with A Lower Subscription

The American company Netflix recently launched an option for its users which includes lower monthly fees and commercials during broadcast programs. The company’s CEO stated that they currently have almost five million global active users every month during a presentation to advertisers.

According to Reuters, the average age of these viewers is 34, as reported by Jeremy Gorman, Netflix’s President of Global Advertising and Marketing.

In November, Netflix started charging $7 to its users in 12 countries. Meanwhile, the ad-free streaming subscription costs $10 for one month.

On Wednesday, the company held its first call with advertisers at the annual event known as “upfronts.”  At the meeting, the networks negotiated commitments for upcoming shows.

Originally, Netflix had planned to do a live presentation in New York. However, it switched to a virtual event to avoid protests from members of the Writers Guild of America.

Netflix Is Showing Interest in Streaming Tennis, Cycling, and Surfing

Netflix is exploring investments in sports broadcasting and recently bid for streaming rights to several sports leagues, according to an exclusive report by the Wall Street Journal.

The company initially bid for streaming rights to ATP tennis tournaments in select European countries. These include France and Great Britain, but later withdrew their offer, as per the report.

The streaming industry leader has also attempted to acquire rights to other sporting events. This includes broadcasts of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) for the UK territory and several cycling competitions. It was in talks late last year to take over the World Surfing League.

Netflix executives are considering purchasing lower-profile competitors to manage costs effectively. At the same time, some believe they could encourage less popular sports to create future franchises, given the platform’s size and its reach to various audience segments.