Indian Forex Reserves Hit Record $642.49 Billion

Indian Forex Reserves Hit Record $642.49 Billion

Key Points:

  • Indian Forex Reserves hit a record $642.49 billion.
  • The consecutive increase was observed over four weeks, with a $6.4 billion rise in the latest week.
  • The Indian Rupee showcases remarkable stability, trading within the tightest band in nearly three decades.

Indian forex reserves have ascended to an unprecedented peak, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s economic resilience. As of March 15, the total reserves have swelled to an impressive $642.49 billion. This record-setting figure underscores India’s financial system’s robustness and highlights the successful strategies the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) implemented in navigating global economic turbulence. Moreover, this surge represents a substantial increase of $6.4 billion over the previous week, marking the fourth consecutive week of reserve growth. The composition of these reserves is noteworthy, with foreign currency assets accounting for $568.386 billion and gold reserves standing at $51.14 billion.

Indian Forex Reserves: UBS Revises USD/INR to 82 by FY25

In fiscal year 2024, the Indian Rupee remarkably stabilized, fluctuating between 81.6 and 83.5 against the US dollar. This is the narrowest range in 29 years, indicating significantly subdued volatility. Such a tight trading band is a testament to the RBI’s effective currency management strategies to ensure economic stability.

Forecasts from UBS anticipate the USD/INR pair to settle at 82 by the end of fiscal year 2025, a revision from the earlier forecast of 84. This adjustment reflects a more optimistic view of India’s current account deficit (CAD), now expected to narrow to less than 1% of GDP in FY24, improving from the previously forecasted 1.2%. For FY25, the CAD is projected to rise modestly to 1.3% of GDP.

INR’s Forecast: 84.5-85 by March 2025

Chief Economist at Acuité Ratings, Suman Chowdhury, notes the Rupee’s movement in a narrow band, attributing it to subdued volatility. However, he also points out potential challenges ahead. Anticipated dollar demand and yuan pressure could slightly weaken the INR towards March’s end. Chowdhury expects the INR to exhibit moderate weakness, reaching levels of 84.5-85.0 by March 2025. This projection considers the delayed rate cuts in developed nations and the RBI’s proactive currency management efforts.

Challenges Amid Global Economic Shifts

The upward trajectory of Indian forex reserves and the Rupee’s resilience indicate the nation’s robust economic framework. However, the global economic landscape is ever-evolving, and external pressures such as fluctuations in major currencies and changes in global interest rates could pose challenges. India’s approach, combining vigilant monitoring of global trends with strategic currency management, has successfully navigated these complexities.

As the nation continues to strengthen its financial position, the focus remains on sustaining economic growth while managing external vulnerabilities. The record-high forex reserves buffer against global economic shocks and enhance investor confidence in India’s economy.