How YouTube is Trying to Deal with Problematic Videos

How YouTube is Trying to Deal with Problematic Videos

YouTube is working hard to remove videos that violate its policies. The number of people who encounter problematic videos on its site continues to decline as the company is trying to remove such videos as soon as possible. In the final months of last year, up to 18 videos out of every 10,000 views on YouTube were on videos that violate the company’s policies and it was necessary to remove them. In 2017, 72 videos out of every 10,000 views violated its policies.

However, the number comes with an important caveat. They measure how well the company is doing at limiting the spread of troubled clips. They are ultimately based on what videos the company believes should be removed from its platform. Unfortunately, YouTube still allows some troubling videos to stay up.

YouTube and various challenges

The stat mentioned above is a new addition to YouTube’s community guidelines enforcement report. It is possible to gather more information about the types of videos the company removed from the platform. The purpose of Violate View Rate or VVR is to track how many views happen on its platform that violates YouTube’s guidelines. Moreover, it is necessary to remove such content.

Thanks to this information, YouTube has the opportunity to measure how well it is moderating its own site. For instance, the higher the VVR, the more problematic videos are spreading before YouTube can catch them.

Several years ago, the company started to rely on machine learning to spot problematic videos. In the past, YouTube relied on users, but the new strategy proved more successful. The company has the ability to respond to various challenges. If the number of VVR goes up, YouTube can try to figure out what types of videos are slipping through the cracks. They can prioritize developing its machine learning to deal with such videos.

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