Governors and the President of the United States, Trump

Governors and the President of the United States, Trump

States on the east and west coast of the United States are forming regional pacts. The purpose of these pacts is to work together to find out how to reopen from stay-at-home orders. Thus, each has its own issues for limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

On Monday, the first such group will be announced on the East Coast. Andrew Cuomo is Democratic New York Governor. He said that his state, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, each plan to name an economic and public health official for the regional working group. The governor’s chief staff of each state also will be a part of the group. It will be working immediately to design a reopening plan.

Later Monday, the west coast states of California, Oregon, and Washington also announced that they would join forces. They plan to begin the incremental release of stay-at-home orders. Governors of the three states will be collaborating on their approach to get back to business in a responsible, safe, and strategic way. This is what the California Democratic Governor, Gavin Newsom, announced.

The governors’ collaborative approach on both coasts underscored the complex and massive calculation that the nation is facing. It is planning for steps for reopening the economy at both the state and federal levels. Nevertheless, the President has asserted that he has the authority to determine when the economy will open. Mayors and governors across the country in recent days moved swiftly to make it clear that they are controlling the levels of power. Specifically, to enforce social distancing with the help of police departments. Also, they have the ability, in their cities and states, to maintain closures of schools and businesses.

The Power Autonomy in the United States

On Monday, there were announcements by the east and west coast governors. It appeared to be an effort for preempting pronouncements coming from President. The United States President Donald Trump will most probably introduce his “Opening the Country” economic task force. He said this on Tuesday on his briefing. Governors on both costs hammered the notion that public health, facts, and science professionals will drive their decisions and not politics.

United States

The United States President Donald Trump tweeted on a Monday morning. He forecasted the looming clash with local officials. He pushed back against some governors that said in recent days they would hold the authority for deciding when to reopen economies for their states.

The United States President, Donald Trump, tweeted that their purpose is to create confusion and conflict. He adds that some Media, using Fake News, are saying that governors decided to open the state and that this was not the Federal Governments’ and his decision. He is saying that this is incorrect information.

Trump again asserted his authority to override governors, during Monday’s White House coronavirus task force briefing. He said that the President of the United States is the one who calls the shots.

Moreover, he added that when someone is the United States president, their authority is total. And it is a rational way of thinking.

The group on the east coast will study the data research and experience other ways to deliver parameters and guidelines to go ahead with.

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