Ethereum Price Predictions: Will The Eth Recover?

Ethereum Price Predictions: Will The Eth Recover?

Many investors are concerned with the latest crypto crisis and the Ethereum (ETH-USD) price fluctuations.


Ethereum Price Predictions are represented by a coin with the Ethereum logo on top of a financial paper.  Even a significant player like Ethereum is vulnerable to a crash. The cryptocurrency has lost value in recent days as a big chunk of the market continues to fall. As of this writing, Ethereum is trading at roughly $2,000 per coin. It hasn’t been so low since July 2021.


What Is Pushing Crypto Market Down?

Several factors might be blamed for the cryptocurrency meltdown. One example is the persistent economic strain. This is due to rising interest rates, rising inflation, predictions of a recession, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Understandably, traders would want to know where cryptos are headed in the aftermath of the recent meltdown. The latest ETH price forecasts are as follows:


WalletInvestor’s one-year price projection for ETH of $4,523.43. CryptoNewZ is next, predicting a price of $4,500 for the cryptocurrency in 2023. Now we’re looking to PricePrediction, which predicts that ETH will trade at $3,664.56 in 2023. Coin Price Forecast, with a one-year price projection of $3,462 for Ethereum, rounds out our list. As of Thursday morning, ETH is down 13.7 percent in the previous 24 hours. It has also dropped by 47.5 percent in the last year.


Ethereum was trading at $2,088.08 at 00:56 on Friday, up 10.12 percent on the day. It was the biggest percentage rise in a single day since February 28. Ethereum’s market worth increased to $251.13 billion, representing 19.38 percent of the overall cryptocurrency market cap. Ethereum’s market capitalization peaked at $569.58 billion. In the preceding twenty-four hours, Ethereum has traded in a range of $1,941.53 to $2,108.70. Ethereum has dropped 24.1 percent of its value in the last seven days. Ethereum traded for $40.09 billion in the twenty-four hours leading up to this writing, accounting for 3.82 percent of overall cryptocurrency turnover. In the last week, it has ranged from $1,796.2371 to $2,703.1055.