Disrupted Talks of new Stimulus Package, and Unemployed

Disrupted Talks of new Stimulus Package, and Unemployed

President Trump made a sudden decision to abandon negotiations over a long-delayed stimulus package. Thus, it left Americans in the lurch. Some people express desperation, disbelief, and disgust about Trump’s abrupt move on Wednesday.

The move affected more than a dozen struggling business owners and unemployed workers. In Interviews with the Washington Post, they say that while they are familiar with Washington’s dysfunction, Republicans and Trump’s latest decision to break discussions off stunned them.

Since the expiration of most of the previous aid programs in August, many watched bank accounts dwindle. Thus, those people count on an influx of financial support. Two owners of small businesses said that they would lay off workers in the coming days. Furthermore, one unemployed woman said that the only had thirteen dollars left for groceries.

Latonya Carter is 46 years old. She lost her job as a cook at an Elks Lodge in Pensacola. After that, Cart has been out of work for six months. She worries about her lights and water being shut off. Thus, Carter forces a smile for her grandkids. Because the lodge did not reopen, her Jobs has not returned.

Carter said that she was hoping for another stimulus check. Thus, she could pay her bills. Now, she is worried about being without water or in the dark. Carter has never experienced anything like that. She does not know how it got so bad.

The state of Florida denied her unemployment claim. It is because she was technically self-employed. Thus, the government wanted proof of her last pay and hours. Nonetheless, she fights the denial and prays for another stimulus check to get by in the meantime.

Stimulus Package Cancelled

The decision of Trump to the walkway from the negotiating table is a high-stakes economic and political gamble. The nation has more than five million on small businesses that relied on government aid over the summer. Moreover, the United States has 26 million people on unemployment aid. The economic recovery slows on several fronts. Thus, without more support, it might be in danger of backsliding. Business groups, including the Business Roundtable and the United States Chamber of Commerce, warned that a lack of economic stimulus might prolong and worsen the downturn.

The unemployed have already seen their income cut by more than half in most cases. It happened after the end of July when the $600 weekly benefited expired.

Debra Traniello is 68 years old. She is a grandmother and lives in New Hampshire. So, since March, Traniello has been out of work as a part-time nanny. Traniello could not celebrate the news of another stimulus check, as they hoped. Taking two items out of her bin to get the total under thirteen dollars, she spent Wednesday buying food.

Traniello said that she decided between medication and food. She thinks Trump does not realize how tough things are for people.

Ninfa Rodriguez lives in Milwaukee. She lost the job she had for eighteen years at a casino in March. Rodriguez’s boss told her that it would pass. Thus, she expected a call back to work in June. Nevertheless, it never happened.

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