Carvana stock is a strong buy. What about Rubicon?

Carvana stock is a strong buy. What about Rubicon?

Carvana and Rubicon are both internet stocks. While Wall Street analysts don’t speak so often about such futures, they are often very profitable. After the first internet stock reached high echelons somewhere twenty years ago, many more followed it.

However, not all stocks are good investments. Experts advise getting all the information you can before choosing. Their valuations are often helpful, as they have a long practice to see certain things that hint about stocks’ future.

Why do the experts think that these two stocks are worth your while? 

Carvana stock’s market cap is worth more than $15.9 billion.  This company is an online car marketplace. It provides its users with a unique opportunity to purchase used cars online. Customers can test-drive chosen vehicles, and they have a 7-day return policy. The Company also allows buyers the choice to deliver their car or let them pick it up from one of Carvana’s vending machines.

The shares increased from $11.10 to the current price of $104.07 since April 2017, for an appreciation of 837%. Even though Carvana endured a serious net loss in the third quarter and reported a negative EPS, revenues were much higher at $1.09 billion, then the analysts expected.

According to Lee Krowl from B Riley, Carvana is a strong-buy. He jumped his price target from $91 to $125. Krowl’s new target implies an upside of 20%.

Rubicon Project, on the other hand, is a tech firm, which specializes in online advertising. The LA-based company has been on the market since 2014. It offers its customers an automation platform, allowing publishers and customers to streamline their online advertising transactions.

Rubicon has severe competition on the market, enduring many obstacles. The stock bottomed out in early 2018, but it managed to rebound soon and has been snowballing thus far.

The Company’s shares gained 118% in 2019, doubling over the year. And they have increased by 42% in 2020. Krowl set the price target at $13 for this stock. If the target is met, the shareholders will gain 12%.