Triumphs with $1.2T Trading Volume Triumphs with $1.2T Trading Volume, a leading global trading platform, has announced a remarkable achievement, reaching $1.2 trillion in client trading volumes, reflecting a significant 53% increase. This surge proves the platform’s growing appeal and the burgeoning trust among its users. The first quarter of 2024 alone saw trading volumes soar to $337 billion, accompanied by an impressive 17% growth in active traders, signaling robust engagement and a vibrant trading environment on

Indices, Commodities, and Other Key Markets

The trading activity on has been predominantly focused on indices, which accounted for over 79% of the total volumes, showcasing a strong interest in this market segment. Commodities, including gold and crude oil, also saw substantial activity, representing 58% of the trades. Such statistics highlight the diverse range of investment interests among’s clientele and the platform’s ability to cater to these varied preferences effectively.

A closer look at the geographic distribution of the trading volumes reveals that the Middle East leads, followed closely by key European markets such as Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. This geographical spread indicates’s global reach and its effectiveness in attracting traders from across different regions, underscoring its international appeal and the universal trust in its trading infrastructure.

The most traded markets on the platform show the traders’ focus, with particular emphasis on indices like the US Tech 100 (Nasdaq-100), US30, DE40, and US500, alongside commodities such as gold and crude oil. These preferences reflect the strategic interests of traders in both traditional and technology-driven sectors, highlighting the broad spectrum of trading opportunities available on

Q1 2024

Interestingly, the first quarter of 2024 witnessed a notable shift in trader mentality. Traders moved away from the ‘good-data-is-bad’ rhetoric, welcoming resilience in US economic data. This shift allowed stocks to reach new highs, despite the Federal Reserve’s decreased likelihood of rate cuts. Such trends indicate a sophisticated understanding and response to global economic indicators among’s user base, suggesting a mature market perspective.’s exceptional performance and the significant increase in trading volumes are not just numeric milestones but reflective of the platform’s robustness, reliability, and the high level of confidence it inspires among its users. The company’s ability to provide a conducive trading environment, coupled with its user-friendly interface and wide range of financial instruments, contributes to its growing popularity and success.