BIG Eyes Crypto: How to Buy

BIG Eyes Crypto: How to Buy

Big Eyes is a crypto project that completed its first funding phase with many problems. 

We offer a comprehensive review on Big Eyes to see whether it is a good idea to invest in it. 

What is Big Eyes Crypto ?

Big Eyes Coin is a DeFi project on the Ethereum blockchain, offering security and smart contract capabilities. It stands out with a cat theme, unlike the common dog themes of similar coins, aiming to draw in a large, diverse audience with the internet’s love for cats.

The project focuses on building a strong community that takes part in governance, charity, and content creation. Big Eyes Coin aims to foster a self-supporting ecosystem where members actively contribute to growth and environmental efforts.

Its cultural impact is evident in its marketing, using playful content that connects with internet culture. This strategy makes the complex crypto world more approachable and builds a relatable, enjoyable brand.

Big Eyes launched its presale phase in August 2022 with a token priced at $0.0001. At least 15 placements (stages) have taken place with a final price offered around $0.0006. The project has a bad reputation because of this data, but not only that.

Users on social networks denounce the lack of transparency and involvement of the team in resolving problems. Many of them were unable to claim the tokens purchased during the first presale. No solution has been provided and Big Eyes is once again launching presales for its new token $BIGINF.

Big eyes crypto price

Big eyes crypto price

The $BIG token presale started its first phase at $0.0001 and ended at $0.0006 in its last phase. When the token was released on June 16, 2023, its price touched an ATH of $0.00004. This data is really lower compared to the pre-sale.

The loss of user confidence has driven the price of $BIG down. The mismanagement of the Big Eyes team caused its token to collapse. Despite the announcement of their future projects with a casino and P2E, the price no longer seems to be rising.

Price statistics at the time of the writing are as follows:

  • Price in USD $0.0000015096
  • All-time high Jun 17, 2023 (9 months ago)
  • $0.0001096
  • All-time low Jun 17, 2023 (9 months ago) $0.0003744
  • Market Cap $0.0
  • Trading Volume (24h) $4,422
  • Fully diluted market cap $281,944

How does it work ?

We came across the first $BIG white paper. Note that the Big Eyes website only highlights the $BIGINF white paper.

BIG is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 200 billion tokens are in circulation and 70% of them were sold during public presales.

No particular project was put forward for $BIG, other than serving as an exchange value for the memecoin community. A portion of the tokens is dedicated to charity, but we do not have information for who or for what.

Its operation is ultimately very simple. It’s a simple token to support the Big Eyes community. It has no specific functionality, nor any basic utility.

Where can I buy big eyes crypto

Big eye

If you want to invest in $BIG and trade on its price, only one platform is accessible. It is the crypto exchange Uniswap which allows you to swap your tokens on the Ethereum network for BIG.

  • To do this, follow these few steps:
  • Go to the Uniswap application
  • Connect with your hot wallet, such as MetaMask
  • Choose the Ethereum network
  • Select the cryptocurrency you want to trade
  • Search for $BIG in the second box using the name or address of the token
  • Validate the transaction on your hot wallet

What is the BIG used for?

According to white paper, Big Eyes Coin uses a tokenomics structure with transaction taxes to support liquidity, marketing, and charity. 

The model also boosts the token’s value through scarcity mechanisms like burning. A key part of its economic model is charity, especially for ocean conservation. 

The project gives some transaction taxes to organizations fighting to preserve marine life, showing its commitment to using cryptocurrency for social and environmental benefits.

However, according to many investors, it’s a speculative memecoin that plays on the “cute” side of its cat.

The presale went very badly and investors were never able to recover their tokens. A significant problem that has caused the community to lose trust.

Is big eyes crypto legit?

Big Eyes does not appear to be a reliable project. A large number of investors were unable to recover the tokens, despite messages sent to support. According to the latest big eyes crypto news Big Eyes Coin has been accused of scamming its investors following the conclusion of its pre-sale. 

The project does not seem to fix the problems previously encountered and is asking for money again for $BIGINF. A real problem, because we can see in Tokenomics that each time 5% of the tokens are reserved for “marketing”.