Artificial Intelligence, Problem for Women, and Google

Artificial Intelligence, Problem for Women, and Google

Many students will resume work on their careers after the COVID-10 pandemic is over, and the economy reopens. Nevertheless, for many, your people’s priorities are going to shift. A single invisible enemy caused suffering and pain. Thus, after that, some will naturally prioritize biomedical research over other more comfortable and more lucrative trades, like finance and law. Of course, some will pursue possibly the most crucial area. The area lies on the borderline of biomedicine and science. It is AI (Artificial Intelligence) for drug discovery.

Nevertheless, many women have historically seen both drug discovery and artificial intelligence as predominantly male professions. Women comprised only a small fall fraction of board members and top executives in the Forbes 500 list of corporations, according to a study which held a few years back.

Artificial Intelligence, Fei-Fei, and Women

Nonetheless, news over the last two weeks allowed the industry to take a breath of fresh air. Moreover, it has given renewed hope to the millions of young women who are high-performing and entering the workforce.

Google removed its motto of “don’t be evil” from the corporate conduct code. Thus, after two years from it, it is replaced with “do the right thing.” “The right thing” begun yielding military’s lucrative contracts. It included the now-famous project of Maven.

Dr. Fei-Fei Li is one of the greatest artificial intelligence scientists of our time. He is VP at google and professor at Stanford. He was first who raised concerns about how that military engagement can impact the company. Doctor Li was the mastermind of the project of ImageNet. Thus, it ignited a revolution in artificial intelligence by demonstrating that deep learning systems can now outperform humans in recognition of the image. Those highly-accurate and ultra-fast machine vision systems can no be widely used in drone applications of military and have the potential to be grossly misused also.

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