Analysts Recommend Three “Strong-Buy” Penny Stocks

Analysts Recommend Three “Strong-Buy” Penny Stocks

Penny stocks mostly cause opposite reactions in investors: some think they are a good gain, while others are dubious and prefer to stand back while it comes to them. They differ from other futures because penny stocks offer under $1 per share investment opportunities.

Investors can get more shares and, consequently, more money with such cheap tickers. But penny stocks’ opposing parties argue that despite the alluring price, there must be reasons why shares are trading at such low levels. Such as insurmountable headwinds or weak fundamentals.

Wall Street analysts agree that not all penny stocks will reach great heights, but they recommend three shares, which seem ready to rise. Dubbing them a “Strong-Buy,” experts think that these stocks have the potential to gain over 50%.

Great Panther Mining (GPL)

This company owns Gold mines and silver mines. Its primary focus is intermediate gold and silver mining and exploration. Selling at only $0.60 per share, Great Panther Mining offers investors an attractive opportunity for hefty gains.  

The management announced that due to the company’s increased cash balance, they could move forward with the technical review at Tucano, which is aimed to bring the UCS pit back into production in 2021. Roth Capital’s Jake Sekelsky thinks that shares could gain 67% in the next twelve months. So far, two more Wall Street analysts rated this stock as “strong buy.”

Auryn Resources, Inc. (AUG)

Auryn also specializes in metal mining and exploration. At present, it has seven projects. The price is $1.27 per share. Heiko Ihle of H.C. Wainwright recommends joining the stock before it jumps high. If the company meets the target, shares could gain 57% in a twelve-month climb at $2 price.

Lineage Cell Therapeutics (LCTX)

The third “strong-buy” penny stock is biotech, which uses its proprietary cell-based therapy platform to develop specialized human cells. These cells can potentially help the body to defend against cancer, as well as other diseases or injuries. The recent data shows that the company has great growth potential. For now, it sells $0.81 per share.

Dawson James analyst thinks that the company’s macular degeneration project is a multi-billion dollar market opportunity. According to Kolbert, at the $6 price target, the potential twelve-month gain can be whole 641%.