AI Growth: China’s Approval of Over 40 AI Models

AI Growth: China’s Approval of Over 40 AI Models

China has made significant strides in the race for artificial intelligence (AI) supremacy, approving over 40 AI models for public use within the first six months of implementing its approval process. This move is part of China’s ambitious plan to catch up with the United States in AI development. Therefore it signals a strategic approach to innovation and control.

The Approval Process and Key Players

Chinese regulators have diligently granted approvals, with the most recent batch including 14 large language models (LLMs). Prominent tech giants such as Xiaomi Corp, 4Paradigm, and 01.AI have earned recognition in the latest approvals, showcasing China’s diverse AI landscape. The approval process, initiated in August, requires tech companies to obtain regulatory consent before making their LLMs accessible to the public. This regulatory approach underscores China’s commitment to fostering AI technology while maintaining a grip on its proliferation.

In August, China marked the initiation of its AI model approvals, benefiting industry giants like Baidu, Alibaba, and ByteDance. Subsequent batches followed in November and December, with the latest approvals marking the fourth batch. The government has approved more than 40 AI models, although it has not disclosed the names of all the companies that received approval.

The Influence of Global Trends

The surge in AI development gained momentum after OpenAI’s ChatGPT garnered global attention in 2022. China already boasted 130 LLMs, representing 40% of the global total—just trailing the United States with a 50% share, as reported by brokerage CLSA. The surge in AI innovation was driven by Chinese firms, with Baidu’s Ernie Bot gaining over 100 million users.

China’s swift approval of more than 40 AI models underscores its dedication to leading in AI innovation and advancement. As evidenced by the approval process, the strategic balance between development and control reflects China’s nuanced approach to AI technology. Key players in China’s tech industry securing approvals are dynamically shaping the AI model landscape, paving the way for advancements.