$9.7M Boosts Crypto Innovations & Web3 Integration

$9.7M Boosts Crypto Innovations & Web3 Integration

Key Points

  • In partnership with Hashkey, TON Bootcamp pledges up to $500,000 per project, Web3 integration into Telegram’s ecosystem, specifically targeting the APAC region.
  • Flood raises $5.2M for developing a unique DEX platform, which Bain Capital Crypto and Archetype co-led.
  • Casper Network introduces Peregrine (v1.5.6) update, significantly improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • FuzzLand secures $3M in seed funding led by 1kx to enhance smart contract security through advanced R&D.

FuzzLand’s $3M seed funding, led by 1kx and supported by HashKey, SNZ, and Panga, underscores a significant advancement in the cryptocurrency market. Founded by Chaofan Shou, Jeff Liu, and Koushik Sen, FuzzLand is pioneering a new standard in smart contract security. Their focus on accelerating research and development in automated smart contract analysis reflects the industry’s move towards more secure, reliable blockchain technologies. FuzzLand enhances vulnerability detection through dynamic analysis and distributed computing, effectively safeguarding cryptocurrency investments.

Flood Secures $5.2M for Unique DEX Tools

Flood has secured $5.2 million in seed funding from Bain Capital Crypto, Archetype, and Robot Ventures. These acquisitions substantially grow the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Furthermore, the firm introduces a groundbreaking suite of tools for decentralized application (dApp) developers. It specialises in order routing, management, and settlement. Unique as the only decentralized exchange (DEX) with operational hooks for swift settlement, Flood aims to offer a seamless trading experience within its ecosystem. This development represents a leap towards more efficient and user-friendly DeFi platforms.

Casper Update Cuts Costs, Enhances Efficiency

Casper Network’s latest update, Peregrine (v1.5.6), significantly simplifies network operations. The company is reducing mint and transfer costs for contracts by shortening block times to 16 seconds. Furthermore, it offers a 99% refund on unspent funds and lowers control flow opcode costs. These changes demonstrate Casper’s commitment to evolving in response to user demands, ensuring a cost-effective and adaptable blockchain environment.

TON & Telegram: $500K/Web3 Project in APAC

The TON Foundation and Hashkey have launched a boot camp to integrate blockchain technology into Telegram’s vast Web3 ecosystem. TON commits up to $500,000 to each of the twelve projects, enhancing Telegram features and demonstrating a commitment to the APAC region. Consequently, this initiative leverages Hong Kong’s regulatory framework to facilitate TON’s Web3 integration into Telegram, aiming to reach 800 million users and advance blockchain adoption.