Xiaomi Releases Unique Loop LiquidCool Machinery

Xiaomi Releases Unique Loop LiquidCool Machinery

Xiaomi, the electronics giant, has released its Loop LiquidCool Technology, which typically has twice as much cooling capacity as steam cameras. The company plans to introduce the new Loop LiquidCool Machinery in the second half of 2022.

The machinery was encouraged by cooling results used in the aerospace corporation. Loop LiquidCool Technology uses an essentially capillary effect. The device attracts the liquid cooling agent to the heat source, then evaporates and efficiently distributes the heat in the calm zone until the agent condenses.

Loop LiquidCool Features

Xiaomi’s new technology has a ring heat pipe system. The device consists of a condenser, evaporation, gas, filling chamber, and liquid pipes. It is placed on heat sources, has a refrigerator that evaporates gas when the smartphone is under high load. The airflow and gas then go into the condenser station. In the station, the gas condenses over into a liquid. These fluids travel through tiny fibers and accumulate in the filling chamber. This completes the evaporation, thus making it an autonomous system.

Slightly different from conventional VC liquid cooling. The systems do not have separate channels for liquids and gases. Cool drinks and hot gas interfere with each other at high loads. According to the corporation, the pump has an exclusive gas pipe form that lowers air clause resistance by 30%. With the flow of steam, the maximum heat transfer capacity increases to 100%.

It is noteworthy that the company’s new cooling design uses the Tesla valve structure. This allows the liquid to evaporate and block the gases from moving in the wrong direction. This process then gives high efficiency of liquid or gas circulation throughout the system.

How Loop LiquidCool Works

Loop LiquidCool will keep your smartphone cooler during activities such as games, video editing, and all the apps requiring many resources. The reason for the phone’s heat in most cases is that the phone’s processor is running at high power. Although modern chipsets do not cope with this problem, the cooling process is faster and more efficient thanks to Xiaomi’s state-of-the-art capillary effect.

According to the company, the new technology was tested on the Xiaomi MIX 4. The Loop LiquidCool system has replaced the standard cooling system. During the 30-minute test, the new system was able to cool to 8.6 degrees Celsius, which is an excellent result. The company’s unique technology will allow many customers to have mobile devices long and cool at any load.