Women Who Trade in the Forex Market – Who Are They?

Women Who Trade in the Forex Market – Who Are They?

Women Who Trade in the Forex Market – Who Are They?

It is no secret that males dominate the forex market. Hopefully, more and more women will join the forex market. The number of women who trade in the forex market has risen in the last couple of years. 

Do you know women who trade in the forex market? Unfortunately, it is impossible to mention all popular female traders in one article. So, let’s focus on the most famous female traders.

First of all, we need to answer one question “Do women and men trade differently?”

To cut a long story short, yes. Many male traders tend to overtrade following a loss. What about female traders? 

Female traders aren’t so vulnerable to emotions. Moreover, many of them try to learn from their mistakes in order to make better decisions in the future. Women who trade in the forex market also try to follow a trading plan.

Now, let’s take at the most well-known female traders and investors. 

We can start with Kathy Lien. She is a co-founder of BKForex.com as well as the Managing Director of FX Strategy for BK Asset Management. Without exaggeration, Kathy Lien launched DailyFX.com when she was 21 years old. We need to mention that Lien knows a lot about the forex market. 

What’s interesting is that Lien is also a popular author. For Example, Kathy Lien is the author of “The Little Book of Currency Trading.” 

It is worth noting that “The Little Book of Currency Trading” is a great book for inexperienced traders who would like to learn more about the forex market. 

Raghee Horner, Nelisiwe Masango, and Jennifer Fan

Raghee Horner, Nelisiwe Masango, and Jennifer Fan

We can’t forget about Raghee Horner, Nelisiwe Masango, and Jennifer Fan when it comes to women who trade in the forex market. 

For instance, Raghee Horner knows a lot about spot currencies, equalities, etc. Interestingly, Raghee Horner is behind the GRaB and Wave Premium Indicator. 

Horner’s trading style is based on a system and process that follows a specific sequence. The above-mentioned trader utilizes technical and fundamental analysis as well as price action in order to spot an objective.

Now, let’s learn more about Jennifer Fan. She founded Arbalet Capital which ceased to exist in 2014. The next step in her career was to join Millennium Management. She started working as a portfolio manager. 

Jennifer Fan studied at the Stern School of Business of New York University. As a reminder, she was only 19 when she graduated from the university. Interestingly, she used to work for Wall Street. 

In 2012, she was included in the Forbes list of 30 Under 30: Finance.

What about Nelisiwe Masango?

At first, Nelisiwe Masango wanted to become a neurosurgeon. However, she decided to change her profession. She decided to focus on finance instead of healthcare. Nelisiwe Masango  

studied entrepreneurial management. However, she changed her decision and made the decision to focus on forex trading. It was then Nelisiwe Masango turned her attention to trading.

Without exaggeration, Nelisiwe Masango is one of the most successful forex traders in South Africa.

Linda Bradford Raschke, Nobuhle Catherine, and Mary Callahan Erdoes

women who trade in forex market: Linda Bradford Raschke, Nobuhle Catherine, and Mary Callahan Erdoes

As you can see, women who trade in the forex market come from all over the world. Female traders have the potential to change the forex market. 

We need to mention Linda Bradford Raschke when it comes to female traders. She is known as one of the best futures traders in the world. She started trading professionally more than 40 years ago. In 2002, Linda Bradford Raschke founded a hedge fund.  

It is worth mentioning that she is also a great writer. For instance, she wrote “Trading Sardines and Street Smarts: High Probability Trading Strategies for the Futures and Equities Markets.” She wrote the above-mentioned book in collaboration with Laurence A. Connors.

What about Mary Callahan Erdoes?

At the moment, she is the CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Management, a division of JPMorgan Chase. She may even replace the current CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co.  

Female traders have to cope with various problems. It isn’t easy to overcome various challenges. Now, let’s get back to the most famous female traders.

Nobuhle Catherine Anajemba is one of them. She is regarded as one of the best female Forex traders in South Africa. She works hard in order to make forex more popular among female traders. 

For instance, Nobuhle Catherine Anajemba is the founder of Women In Forex (WIF). It is an online institution that trains and mentors people in forex, cryptocurrencies, and binary options. 

Useful tips 

Let’s take a break from famous female traders for a minute in order to learn more about forex. It is possible to become a successful trader. 

In order to become a successful trader, you must develop some basic traits. For example, the ability to recognize profitable trades is one of them.

Moreover, it is important to understand all risk factors. You should pay attention to even minor risk factors. 

Hopefully, you don’t have to earn a bachelor’s degree in finance in order to become a successful trader. Let’s not forget that the world of work is changing. So, it is vital to adapt to the ever-changing reality. 

Lauren Simmons, Kiana Danial, and Abigail Johnson

women who trade in forex market: Lauren Simmons, Kiana Danial, and Abigail Johnson

Have you heard about Kiana Danial? She is a successful trader and author. As a reminder, she founded Invest Diva. The goal of Invest Diva is to help minorities to learn more about finance. 

 Kiana Danial is also the CEO of Invest Diva. 

As stated above, Kiana Danial is the author of books about forex and cryptocurrencies. For example, she wrote “Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex” and “How to ethically “STEAL” from your broker.” 

Interestingly, she is the recipient of a number of awards, including the New York Business Women of Influence Honoree (2015).

Abigail Johnson is the granddaughter of the founder of Fidelity Investments. Moreover, she has been the president and CEO of Fidelity Investments since 2014. 

It is noteworthy that Fidelity Investments is one of the largest asset managers in the world.

Several years ago, the company launched a platform for trading Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, and Ether. 

Last but not least, she made it to the list of the world’s most powerful women. 

Women who trade in the forex market are ready to break stereotypes about female traders. 

Lauren Simmons is one of them. In 2017, Simmons became the youngest female trader at the New York Stock Exchange. As you can see, Simmons isn’t afraid of challenges. She is a good example of a female trader who is ready to break stereotypes. 

Lucy Baldwin is also not afraid of challenges. She made it to the list of Forbes 30 Under 30: Finance, not once but twice. 

At the moment, She is the Global Head of Research & Equity Advisory at Citi. Baldwin used to work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as well as Goldman Sachs. 

How to introduce more women to the forex market?

RoboMarkets Has a Gift for German Traders

Unfortunately, it is quite hard to break stereotypes. Women in various industries have to deal with various gender-based issues on a regular basis. As stated above, males dominate the forex market. The time has come to change the situation once and for all. There is no need to adhere to archaic opinions about male-dominated professions. 

Unfortunately, old stereotypes die hard, but the wind of change is blowing through the forex market, increasing female presence over the last couple of years.

It is possible to learn more about the forex market from the internet. There are many articles and books about the world’s largest financial market. Women who trade in the forex market have the ability to gather more information from the internet. 

They should also remember that forex doesn’t require significant investments. Yes, you don’t have to be a millionaire in order to enter the forex market.

Last but not least, the forex market isn’t as scary as it might appear at first glance. Hopefully, it is possible to reduce risk. Women can use simple risk management tools in order to protect their funds. 

There is no need to worry about the legal aspects associated with the forex market. The forex market is a legit marketplace where millions of people from all over the world make money every day. Why shouldn’t tens of thousands of women join them? 

Students, working moms, or any women willing to be financially independent – this is an incomplete list of females who have the opportunity to benefit from the idea of making money from home and having flexible working hours.