Wikipedia Editors Against Classifying NFTs as Art

Wikipedia Editors Against Classifying NFTs as Art

A committee of editors on Wikipedia, the free user-generated encyclopedia, opted against classifying NFTs as an art form. They agreed to put the issue on hold for the time being. “Wikipedia can’t be in the business of deciding what constitutes art,” editor “Jonas” stated. A survey and discussion on the platform at the end of December focused on the most expensive art sales by living artists, as well as whether non-traditional art transactions should be “art sales” or “NFT sales.”

Editors Remain Against NFTs

Much of the discussion centered on whether an NFT accurately depicted the art or was only a token in comparison to the underlying art. The editors had different options on the definitions. Some felt there wasn’t enough reliable evidence to conclude from. Only one editor voted in favor of including NFTs in art sales, while five voted against it. A decision came in January.

12 to take Pak’s $91 million NFT collection and Beeple’s $69 million NFT collection off the top art sales list and revive the topic at a later date. The selection looked dubious when looking at Beeple’s NFT “Every day: The First 5000 Days”. It has a composite of unique artworks from a well-known digital artist and was sold at the famous Christie’s art auction house last year in March. The New York Times labeled Beeple the “third most selling artist” alive. According to Wikipedia’s principles, forming a consensus does not need unanimity or a vote. To reach a decision, the group must consider any valid concerns voiced by participating editors that are within the platform’s guidelines.

Nf Ts, Art, or Buzzword?

“If Beeple and Pak are artists, why aren’t their sales on this list?” countered “Pmmccurdy,” the single NFT backer. They went on to say, that they’re not sure what the logic is here. The scenario caused outrage from NFT advocates. Nifty Gateway co-founder Griffin Cock Foster tweeting earlier today, “This is pretty screwed up to see – Wikipedia censors are attempting to proclaim that *no* NFT can be art — as in, it can’t be labeled as art if it’s an NFT.”