What is currently happening in the trading market?

What is currently happening in the trading market?

This past week has been an overwhelming period for traders as the trading market has been affected by the collapse of the two American banks, which has affected the financial market. But not all the trading markets were affected.

UK and Europe Ratio:

  • Euro STOXX 50 futures are dropping by 11 points (- 0.28%), and the cash market is estimated to open at 4,053.99
  • UK’s FTSE 100 futures are dropping by 16.5 points (- 0.23%), and the cash market is opening at an estimate of 7,318.90
  • Germany’s DAX futures are currently dropping by 35 points (- 0.23%), and the market cash is opening at an estimated value of 14,733.20

Asian Ratio:

  • Japan’s Nikkei 225 index has dropped by 360.97 points (- 1.34%) and is now trading at 26,972.82
  • Australia’s ASX 200 index has dropped by 96.3 points (- 1.38%) and is trading at 6,898.50
  • China’s A50 index has dropped by 28.09 points (- 0.22) and is trading at 12,866.03
  • Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index has dropped by 534.215 points (- 2.74%) and is trading at 18.984.44

US Futures:

  • Nasdaq 100 futures are presently up by 16 points (0.13%)
  • S&P 500 futures are presently up by 2.25 points (0.06%)
  • DJI futures are presently down by 30 points (- 0.09%)

EUR/AUD is working on snapping a 5-day losing streak and clasping it into a support cluster. It respected a 38.2% Fibonacci ratio, trend backing, and the daily closes held above the monthly R1 pivot.

The Fed has formulated actions to boost liquidity through its support toward financial stability. USB has also purchased Credit Suisse for $3 billion in a government-backed deal with the Swiss National Bank.