What is crypto wallet and which ones offer best features?

What is crypto wallet and which ones offer best features?

The cryptocurrencies are already very popular around the world. More and more people aspire to own them or trade them to gain money. Business people see cryptos as a good investment. And it’s relatively easy to buy digital assets nowadays, as there are online exchanges, marketplaces, and even peer-to-peer trading. However, buying cryptos is only the first step if you plan to join the industry.

It’s also essential to keep your cryptos securely. And the cryptocurrency wallets were created explicitly for the safeguarding of your coins. However, new crypto wallets are more than simple storage devices.

Some of them have integrated features such as Web 3.0 access for decentralized applications, non-fungible token storage, smart contract processing capabilities, and even identity storage. While there are hundreds of crypto wallets to choose, experts recommend several, which offer costumers unique features.


This wallet is actually created for Bitcoin Cash, and it is specifically developed in such a way to make it easier to spend and send BCH. Investors can use the Bitcoin.com wallet on mobile, and it’s available on both iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the Bitcoin.com wallet supports original Bitcoin and accepts SLP tokens, which can represent any underlying asset similar to ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.


This wallet can interface directly with Web 3.0 applications, link directly to decentralized exchanges, and process smart contracts.

Furthermore, users don’t have to download a separate application to use Metamask, as it works through a browser add-on, which can be downloaded for Chrom and Firefox browsers. However, Metamask supports only Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens presently.


MEW is one of the most popular wallets for Ethereum. Users can access this crypto software wallet in any supported browser. It’s also free to use and allows users to switch between fiat and crypto.

MyEtherWallet has launched mobile apps for iOS and Android recently. The apps offer the same functionality as their desktop application. Also, users with hardware wallets, like Trezor and Ledger devices, can connect and use MEW, which creates a secure way to access ERC-20 and ETH tokens.