US Stock Market Smashed on Tech Boost

US Stock Market Smashed on Tech Boost

On Monday, May 25, the US stock market was smashed, as a pullback in the U.S. Treasury yields which helped in lifting expensive stocks in the technology sector.

This is one of the investors’ efforts to measure the direction of inflation.

Out of S&P’s 11 prime sectors, technology ameliorated 1.76% while communication services tweaked 1.84% as the top achieving on the conclave.

Meanwhile, concerns about inflation subsided for a while. Investors are starting to view President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill to be insignificant. It will not provide a huge boost to the economy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 0.54% or 186.14 points to 34,393.98 while the S&P 500 soared 0.99% or 41.19 points to 4,197.05.

The Nasdaq Composite raised 1.41% or 190.18 points to 13,661.17.

The largest boosts to the benchmark S&P index were the tech giants Apple and Microsoft which jumped 1.33% and 2.29%, respectively.

In recent weeks, equity markets grew unstable as investors are weighing strong economic data. They are upset that the supply bottlenecks might give an extended stretch of higher prices.

This situation will in turn oblige the U.S. Federal Reserve to balance back its enormous monetary stimulus.

On Tuesday, Fed President James Bullard announces that he is anticipating that the inflation rate will fly over 2% both this year and next year.

In contrast, some Federal Reserve officials, including Bullard, are continuing to support the central bank’s policy in a separate statement.

Thursday saw the release of the U.S. personal consumption data. The Fed’s preferred measure is going to be the spotlight of the economic data that is about to be published this week.

Target, Walmart, etc. Stocks Rose

Target, Walmart, Albertsons, and Macy’s are the leading players in the retail sector as their stocks rose due to retail sales being the main driver of the US economy.

Macy’s Inc.’s stocks advanced 0.39% to $17.98 while its competitor Albertsons jumped 1.44% to $19.02.

In addition, Walmart Inc. and Target Inc., both surpassed 0.1% to 141.76 and 0.16% to 225.41, respectively.

These four firms from NYSE are in a unique situation to benefit. It could be wise to invest in these stocks.

Since the Covid vaccine is on its way in distribution, a huge fiscal stimulus spending and an enhancing job market have been driving the growth in the US consumer spending.