US Futures Dipped as Treasury Yields Advanced

US Futures Dipped as Treasury Yields Advanced

On Wednesday, US futures dipped as Treasury yields edged higher on the trading market. 

Accordingly, the Dow futures tumbled 0.43% or 144.00 points to $34,038 per share. 

Consequently, contracts in the Nasdaq shed 0.60% or 89.00 points to $14,568.75 per share.

The same with the S&P futures as it lost 0.55% or 24.00 points to $4,310.25 per share. 

Meanwhile, 10-year treasury yields soared 0.02 points to 1.55%. Additionally, 30-year bonds reached their highest since June as they hiked to 2.12%.

Moreover, investors closely watched the release of jobs data this week. In addition, they are now primed for a slower economic recovery, picking up volatility in the market. 

Then, the US political deadlock on the nation’s debt ceiling contributes to the uncertainty in the market. 

Consequently, the increase in yields came after the stocks closed higher on Wall Street yesterday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index rose 0.92% or 311.75 points to $34,314.67 per share. 

Also, the benchmark S&P 500 climbed 1.05% or 45.26 points to $4,345.72 per share after it posted its lowest level on Monday. 

Similarly, the Nasdaq Composite index extended 1.25% or 178.35 points to $14,433.83 per share. 

Subsequently, highly-valued tech stocks finished stronger, rebounding from their previous heavy sell-off.

For instance, social media giant Facebook surged 2.06% or 6.73 points to $332.96 per share. The increase came after the platform suffered from a significant outage last Monday. 

Correspondingly, the production company Netflix significantly surged 5.21% or 31.46 points to $634.81 as its Korean show Squid Game pulled more subscribers. 

Asia-Pacific Market Dived as US Futures Dipped

Meanwhile, shares on the Asia-Pacific market mostly declined as US futures dropped.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 index plummeted 1.34% or 371.89 points to $27,450.23 per share. 

Accordingly, the broader TOPIX index shed 0.54% or 10.50 points to $1,937.25 per share. 

Elsewhere, South Korea’s KOSPI fell 0.98% or 29.08 points to $2,933.09 per share.

Consequently, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index plunged 0.46% or 111.16 points to $23,992.99 per share as Evergrande woes persisted.

Then, New Zealand’s S&P/NZX 50 index weakened 0.28% or 36.47 points to $13,163.52 per share. 

Subsequently, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand increased its interest rates to 0.50%, its first time in seven years. 

In Australia, the S&P/ASX 200 index curtailed 0.58% or 41.90 points to $7,206.50 per share. 

Moreover, the mainland China market is closed in line with their national holiday.