Unfortunately, The Al Startup, Stockwell, is Shutting Down

Unfortunately, The Al Startup, Stockwell, is Shutting Down

Stockwell AI entered the world with a bang. Nevertheless, it is also leaving it with a whimper. Ex-Google employees founded the stock AI in 2017. The AI is a vending machine startup, formerly known as Bodega, which initially angered several consumers. People hated how it poorly ‘disrupted’ and referenced mom-and-pop shops in one fell swoop. However, after this, it managed to raise a lot of money. Nevertheless, it was no match for COVID-19 and the effect it had on our livelihoods.

TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that at the end of this month, Stockwell will be closing. This is because the company was unable to find a viable business for its in-building app-controlled smart vending machines, which was stocked with convenience store items.

Paul McDonald is co-founder and CEO of Stockwell. He regretfully said that “the current landscape created a situation in which we can no longer continue our operations.”. Thus, on 1st July, they will be winding down the company. McDonald wrote this in an email to TechCrunch. Moreover, he said that they are deeply grateful to their talented team, incredible investors, and partners. McDonald’s is also thankful for its fantastic shoppers who made this innovation possible. Of course, that is not the way they wanted to end this journey. Nevertheless, they are confident that their vision to bring the store to where people play, live, and work, will live on through other amazing services, companies, and products.

Their Vending boxes were distributed primarily in office and apartment buildings. Thus, it has been contacting customers located in these institutions for the past week to spread the news.


One building operator previously used Stockwell’s vending machines. They said that they are actively in search of a replacement provider. Thus, it seems that it was of some use to them. Nevertheless, more pointedly, it has been ridiculously hard for the vending machine industry recently. Within that industry, some distributors have seen business losses of up to 90%.


The closure of Stockwell is notable because it highlights how, in the current climate, having a very decent amount of funding and a robust list of backers cannot always guarantee insulation for everyone.

Moreover, Stockwell had raised at least $45 million in funding as of last September. The list of investors included Homebrew, First Round, Forerunner, DCM Ventures, GV, and NEA. Its network had grown to a thousand “stores.” “Stores” are smart vending machines that work a little like an advanced minibar in a hotel. For whatever item you take out, sensors detect it and charge you. Thus, you use a smartphone application both to pay for it and to track what you buy.

The company appeared to be gearing up for a widening of its model of business as of last autumn. This would allow its customers (apartment, office, and building managers) to have a more significant say in what got stocked beyond the items Stockwell made available. It included sweet snacks, savory, water, other beverages, and a few home basics like pain killers and laundry detergent.

Ashwath Rajan is a co-founder with McDonald. It seems that by December, however, he had quietly left the startup.

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