Ubisoft’s First Major Pub – Game with NFTs

Ubisoft’s First Major Pub – Game with NFTs

Ubisoft introduced the Ubisoft Quartz, which lets humans acquire flawed digital elements using cryptocurrency. This statement is the first actual attack by the AAA industry on NFTs. Sega and Square Enix have expressed a keen interest in the technology. However, Ubisoft is the pioneer actually to launch the product.

Ubisoft Quartz allows players to buy numbers. Digits are in-game armaments, cosmetics, and cars that participants can buy in limited abundance; then sell openly through cryptocurrencies. The program relies on Tezos, a betting currency that claims to be energy efficient. Ubisoft plans to launch the project at Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint on December 9, 2021. The first three of these limited-time Digit drops will be free for players who register through the company app.

The main idea is that Ubisoft numbers will allow players to have unique ownership of the elements in their game. However, it is worth noting how individual this personalization will be. The company claims that each digit will have an easily noticeable serial number in the announcement video. The first three digits of the company, which will be released on December 9, 12, and 15, require only one to register in the app and connect to the crypto wallet.

The company says the NFTs will also be available outside the Ubisoft ecosystem. Therefore, the only functional difference between Ubisoft NFTs and Steam market elements is their ability to trade elsewhere. Steam Items only exist on Steam and only function in the Steam ecosystem. And in the Ubisoft scheme, NFTs can be traded on a distributed blockchain, even outside a specific store.

Attempted Fraud or A Unique Opportunity?

Tezos quite effectively explains how NFTs are an absolute scam on their website. In the “How NFTs work” column, the company shows its natural face. He said that because the blockchain controls property rights; This artwork can become valuable to you, based entirely on who has owned it in the past. NFT is a crazy pyramid plan with no material or functional value. Hundreds of Twitter users have sharply criticized Ubisoft’s leap into the NFT. Interestingly, the company’s further steps. We will see shortly whether a specific project will follow the development.

We will know about the first impressions and experiences after launching a new product this week. However, the predictions are not positive.