U.S. stocks and global challenges

U.S. stocks and global challenges

The stock markets reacted to the news that U.S. and China worked together to find the solution regarding the trade war. The protracted trade dispute created various problems for the global economy. It is not surprising that investors, as well as analysts, are trying to understand when this dispute will end.

The most interesting part of the negotiations process started on Thursday. The U.S. Trade Representative, along with U.S Treasury Secretary met with the Vice Premier of China, who is the head of China’s delegation.

It is an important fact that the President of U.S. Donald Trump was happy with the negotiations process.

The ongoing dispute between the U.S. and China is a severe problem for the stock markets across the globe.

Another important meeting took place on October 11. U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He had a meeting in Washington D.C.

U.S. stocks on FridayStock market update

The U.S. stock indexes reacted to the news U.S. and China reached a partial trade deal on Friday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 0.94. The S&P 500 increased by 0.97. Another primary U.S. stock index, which is the NASDAQ composite, rose by 1.13%.

The U.S. companies in which chipmakers exporting their products to China also benefited from this situation. U.S. companies especially made a lot of money by selling parts and components to Chinese companies suffered throughout the trade war. Any positive news regarding the trade war is already good news for chipmakers and other companies.

The shares of Intel Corp, as well as Nvidia Corp and Advanced Micro Devices, rose by about 1.5%. The shares of Cupertino-based Apple Inc. rose by 1.3%.

The stocks in the U.S had a positive day on Friday. However, it is essential to mention that the trade pact is not signed yet. Also, trade was is not over. The partial agreement is important, but both sides should work harder to solve the remaining issues.