U.S. Futures Fell on Friday – Here’s the Market Wrap

U.S. Futures Fell on Friday – Here’s the Market Wrap

The U.S. futures plummeted last week. S&P 500 fell by 0.65%, while Nasdaq lost 0.8%, and Dow Jones futures declined on Friday by 0.6% versus fair value. Before that, the stock market rallied before slowing down significantly.

Most of the major stocks decreased after Thursday. First Solar stock and Appian fell as well as Zscaler and Universal Display stock. On the other hand, Texas Roadhouse stock and EHealth increased. Long-ailing Dropbox stock also gained solidly.

The First Solar stock fell by 15% after it missed earnings estimates. Its revenue and guidance were weak, even though the company is contemplating various options for U.S. operations.

SolarEdge and Enphase Energy boosted the stock for a short time. It rallied 3.4% to 59.32 on Thursday. However, experts think that FSLR stock remains a long way from a potential buy point.

Meanwhile, Enphase stock and SolarEdge stock dropped slightly overnight. Before that, they hit high during the last two sessions. The Appian stock also declined by 11% in extended trade. Its earnings topped views, but revenue and guidance were light.

Universal Display slid by 4.6% on early Friday. The company’s revenue guidance is weak. Moreover, its earnings missed views also. OLED futures tried to break out in December to early January but without success.

Zscaler stock lost 13%. While the cybersecurity software firm beat EPS and revenue views, it gave weak guidance. The stock recently managed to reclaim its 200-day line, but it’s still well off its 2019 high record.

Which Stocks Gained During the Last Session?

The EHealth stock hit high by 20% early on Friday. The health insurance broker delivered blowout earnings, which boosted the stock. It has already doubled after its early-October low.

Dropbox stock also surged by 11%. But this stock still needs more work before investors should consider it as a potential buyer. Meanwhile, the Steakhouse Chain gained 7%, reaching a 17-month high. This stock showed strong earnings and guidance, which boosted its earnings.