Twitter Stops Automatically Updating Timelines

Twitter Stops Automatically Updating Timelines

Twitter renewed the platform to avoid the automated updating of customer channels, causing some tweets to abandon during the reading alter. In September, the venue first announced that it was working on an update and said it understands user frustration when tweets disappear in the meantime. The amendment now applies to the web platform. Costumers will load advanced tweets by choosing the antithetical tweet bar that comes at the cap of their timeline over their existing tweets in their space.

The web version of Twitter now has the same arrangement as its native Android and iOS apps. There are no updates on the terms of the users. However, tweets are loaded when the user manually updates their channel.

Twitter added new updates commonly over the past several months. In addition to the audio chat room Spaces, released almost a year ago, the program launched its Twitter Blue premium assistance for customers in the US prior to this month. For a monthly fee of $2.99, Twitter Blue features the ability to cancel tweets and some publisher articles without ads and Nuzzel-like reviews of the best pieces.

The fact is that Twitter takes into account user feedback when making updates and changes. Now users want tweets to be editable. We will know from time to time if the company will consider making changes about it.

Twitter Updates

Another news that Twitter users will soon see is new warning labels. These labels are misleading and attached to false tweets. Labels are an amendment to Twitter used for election fraud before and after the past year’s presidential election.

According to experts, such labels used by Facebook may be helpful to users. This will allow social media platforms to avoid the more difficult task of moderating content, deciding whether to delete photos and videos, posts that spread lies. Twitter identifies only three types of misinformation: false or misleading tweets, manipulated media, which can harm the real world; Election-related disinformation, and COVID-19.

Twitter tests have shown that if the label is too eye-catching, it will attract more people’s attention in response. Twitter mentioned Tuesday that the changed tags showed a 17% rise in click-through rates. This means that more people clicked on the design to read the information contained in the misleading tweets.

We wonder in this regard what decision the company will make. Like other social media platforms, it looks like Twitter will introduce users to new features and sophisticated services by 2022.