Twitter Lost 80% of Its Employees

Twitter Lost 80% of Its Employees

The reduction in the number of employees led to difficulties in maintaining the social network and adding new functions, which is why Musk, according to the announcement, decided to call for help from 130 experts from his companies, including Tesla, Space X, and Boring Co.

In addition, 1,400 people are listed as company employees and receive a salary even though they are not currently working, reports the Mina agency, referring to Capital.

According to Twitter, fewer than 550 engineers remain. At the same time, the trust and security team responsible for protecting users and making recommendations on network editing policy has been cut by 20 experts.

Before Musk took over Twitter, the company employed 7,500 people.

Musk announced a new social network feature on Friday that will enable translations from other languages into English and recommendations for viewing posts from “other countries and cultures” in the coming months.

Musk previously launched a poll on the social network asking if he should step down as CEO of the company, to which most social network users answered yes.

Sending Layoffs via Email

This will be done, it said, to “help secure the security of all employees, as well as the Twitter system and customer data.” The social networking platform said Twitter employees would be notified via their company email addresses. Staff who have been dismissed will be notified of the next steps to their email addresses.

Some employees have announced that their access to the company’s IT system has already been blocked and fear that this could indicate their dismissal. The layoff announcements come after the first week of Musk’s ownership. He demanded significant cost-cutting and imposed an aggressive new work ethic.