Trump’s Economy and the Democrats’ Perspective

Trump’s Economy and the Democrats’ Perspective

United States President Donald Trump has an active trump card, impeached or not. And this card is the economy.

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James Carville famously summed up underdog Bill Clinton’s win in 1992 as “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Things are looking up for Trump as forecasts project growth into 2020. Moreover, the trade war with China is easing, stocks are at all-time highs, and unemployment is at a 50-year low.

Mark Zandi, Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist, said that if the status quo continues, he will win. Referring to his presidential prediction model, which is based on gas prices, the unemployment rate, alongside the president’s approval rating and projected turnout, and his prediction model, there is a high probability of reelection.

Many economists and politicians are anticipating the triumph of Trump.

The current President of the United States never misses the opportunity to boast about the Dow Jones or the latest jobs report. The Republicans seem to be very positive because of these indicators, no matter what happens in Washington.

Matt Gorman, a Republican strategist, said that these indicators are crucial for the current President.

Democrats have concerns about this, said the Carville. They say that many people in the United States don’t feel the benefits of a robust economy. Democrats think that Trump can loose if they will highlight these inequalities.

Liberal megacities are booming, while the swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have lost thousands of manufacturing jobs this year. It happened after an earlier revival, partly because of the trade disputes. In the industrial Midwest, in dozens of battleground countries, unemployment rates have begun to tick up a bit.


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The unemployment rate has climbed a full percentage point in the past year in Wisconsin’s Marinette Country, though historically the numbers are still lowThere Trump won during the last elections by 34 points.

Many voters feel anxious about the future. It is because of the rising child-care and health costs, concerns about retirement savings, and ballooning student debt. Meanwhile, others are enjoying the growth of their 401(k) accounts.

A quarter of the population has no immediate needs but is concerned about long-term financial issues like paying for health care costs and child education. Half of Americans (49%) worry about the urgent financial need, according to the Gallup surveys.

A Democrat who represents the critical battleground state of Pennsylvania Sen. Bob said that virtually every cost in the middle-class family life is up. That dynamic of it is one of the reasons Donald Trump won the last elections. There is a feeling that neither party is addressing that fundamental problem.

These issues are not working in Trump’s favor. Democrats say that he not only failed to address these issues but also worsened the situation. The wealthy benefited most from the Affordable Care Act and squandering his biggest legislate opportunity on a tax cut.

In ads run by Super Democratic PACs, like Priorities, have already started to appear. Sluggish wage growth and rising costs are the problems also.

Priorities USA Executive Director Patrick McHugh said that the idea that the economy determines Trump’s success is the fault.