Surging Revenue and Profitability Fuel Growth Surging Revenue and Profitability Fuel Growth

Trade Capital UK (TCUK) Ltd, the operator of the brand in the United Kingdom, concluded 2022 with annual revenue of £759,240, marking a yearly increase of over 216%. The company’s revenue for 2021 was £240,009, more than double that of the previous year, and the latest figure demonstrates a continuation of this growth trend.

Additionally, TCUK achieved profitability in the previous year, with a net profit of £140,694, a significant turnaround from the loss of £71,861 in the preceding year. The company’s pre-tax profits reached £186,951, recovering from losses amounting to £99,868.

The Companies House filing for the company stated, “In 2020/21, the company was in its initial stages of operation following the authorization granted by FCA… While the 2022 revenues experienced a 216% increase, and the net profit rose by 295% compared to the net loss in 2021, more comprehensive comparative figures and performance metrics will be available in subsequent years.”

Trade Capital UK (TCUK) Ltd was established in 2017 and obtained approval from the FCA in September 2019. It commenced its operations in mid-October 2019.

Operations Approach

After deducting direct expenses of £250,434 from its total revenue, Trade Capital UK (TCUK) Ltd generated a gross profit of £508,806. However, the company did not generate any income from other streams in the last fiscal year, whereas it earned £60,812 as ‘other operating income’ in 2021. Despite the rise in revenue, the UK company was able to decrease its administrative costs from £408,100 to £354,237.

In 2022, TCUK’s operating profit was £154,569, a significant improvement from the previous year’s loss of £127,529. Additionally, the company’s net finance income rose from £27,661 to £32,382. is a globally recognized brand, and it has substantial operations outside the UK, with regulatory licenses in Dubai, South Africa, and Mauritius for its global operations. The brand has also expanded into the US by obtaining a FINRA license. Moreover, it holds a Cypriot license and operates from multiple offices in Europe.