TorroCapital review

TorroCapital review

General Information

Broker Name: TorroCapital

Broker Type: Forex & CFDs

Country: UK

Operating since year: 


Address: 1 Bank St, London E14 4JD, United Kingdom

Broker status: Active

Customer Service

Phone: +442038079728

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English, French

Availability: 24/5


The Trading platforms: Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: /

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes  

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: Yes

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit: $250

Maximal leverage: 1:400

Spread: Floating From 0.0 Pips

Scalping allowed: Yes

TorroCapital Review: A broker that has it all!

TorroCapital is one of the most reputable brokers because a number of reputable organizations governs them. The business additionally provides its customers with more than 60 000 assets, comprising bonds, cryptocurrencies, FX, CFDs, stocks, commodities, futures, forex options, listed options, and other financial instruments.

The TorroCapital broker has been thoroughly reviewed, so keep reading to learn more about this exceptional business.

Safety is the most important factor to consider while selecting the best broker. Both institutional and individual traders have a great deal of faith in TorroCapital as a broker. The broker prioritizes safety and professionalism. Segregated accounts keep each client’s money, which is important because some brokers combine accounts. This practice also makes money easier to access and safer to store.

TorroCapital places a high priority on security. Top financial institutions strictly regulate this broker.

TorroCapital Review: A broker that has it all

Trading Assets TorroCapital Offers

As we mentioned in our TorroCapital review, there are more than 60 000 trading products available for investors to trade. This increases the likelihood of discovering what the trader and their preferred method will be most effective. It is common knowledge that each market has unique characteristics. Several traders who lose money in FX trading regularly succeed in trading stocks or ETFs. Offering clients the option to select the ideal market is a fantastic benefit that TorroCapital offers.

It should be mentioned that giving new traders a broad selection of assets to pick from could be detrimental because they might become distracted and lose money by trading in other markets without ever learning. Although markets may differ, the trading mentality remains the same. Any trader who uses or creates a trading system must control their emotions. Switching to a different market won’t solve your difficulties if you don’t have a winning trading strategy and you’re attributing your poor performance on the markets.

TorroCapital Review: FX trading

Among traders, forex trading is quite well-liked. You have access to more than 190 currency pairings through TorroCapital platforms.

According to our TorroCapital review, initial Forex margin rates at TorroCapital start at 3.3% for popular currency pairs like USD/CAD,  EUR/JPY,  EUR/USD, and USD/JPY. When an investor uses a margin to make a trade, a margin rate is charged. Each broker has a different margin rate.

Spreads begin at 0.6 pip. Spreads represent the price difference between purchasing and selling an item, while a pip represents the smallest change in a whole unit price on the market. Moreover, 50+ technical indicators and integrated tools for trading signals are available on TorroCapital’s trading platforms, making trading more enlightening and straightforward.

TorroCapital provides leverage up to a 50:1 ratio, preventing investors from taking extremely large risks in extremely turbulent markets. Low leverage saves traders from significant losses but also limits you from quickly reaping large returns. Leverage of 50:1 basically indicates that you have the ability to control $50 for every dollar you have in “borrowed” funds.

TorroCapital provides leverage

Trading stocks on TorroCapital

As mentioned above in our TorroCapital review, trading stocks is quite common among traders since equities offer chances for both long-term investors and short-term speculators. You may already be aware of how differently equities and currencies fluctuate. Potentially Without a cap, stock values can rise and can fall to zero. On the other hand, currencies are backed by people and nations, and their values are compared to one another. As a result, currency movements often follow a range.

Day traders, swing traders, mutual funds, and pension funds all find stock trading appealing. It’s crucial to remember that these markets do not come without danger, so you should be prepared before thinking about investing.

Access to more than 22,000 stocks in both developed and developing economies is available through TorroCapital. New York, London, Hong Kong, and 50 other markets are on the list. Commissions for US stocks begin at $1. As the account kinds progress from Classic to VIP, the fees reduce.

Trading cryptocurrencies on TorroCapital

Recently, cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity. Many individuals are eager to engage with them because they think they are the source of all future wealth. Some view cryptocurrencies as nothing more than an impending financial bubble. You can still profit from both bullish and bearish markets.

You can trade more than 9 cryptos with TorroCapital. For both long-term investors and short-term speculators, provides cryptocurrency FX pairs. You may exchange well-known coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others for major currencies. You benefit from not having to exchange currencies when you cash out as a result.

Also, you won’t need to worry about crypto wallets or protecting your coins from hackers when trading crypto CFDs.

Liquidity is another element to take into account. Because there are so many more orders made on the CFD market, trading actual coins may be more expensive than trading cryptocurrency CFDs. The spread between the ask and bid prices widens when market liquidity declines.

It’s crucial to remember that the indexes, which track the performance of major corporations, reveal the state of the economy. Even if you merely want to trade currencies, the declining value of the UK 100 might be a sign of the British economy’s fragility and alter your assessments of the future value of the GBP.

According to our TorroCapital review, commodities are raw materials that can be mined or grown, and they are traded on TorroCapital. Leverage can be as high as 5:1, and the trading commissions differ between VIP and Basic account types. With the high level of security, TorroCapital offers its clients; trading fees are often fair.

Account Types Offers to Traders

In order to provide their clients with better services, brokers design various account kinds. There are 5 different types of trading accounts offered by TorroCapital, depending on your financial capacity and trading style.

Although many traders find the initial deposit for the metal-named accounts to be high, the higher the deposit, the simpler it is to control risks.

24/7 technical and account assistance is included with the traditional account. Each asset class has a different level of leverage.

The fees and conditions get better as you go through the account tiers from Bronze to Platinum and then VIP and VIP+. The metal-named accounts are entry-level accounts.

et better as you go through the a

Accounts for VIPs and VIP+

A VIP account requires a minimum initial deposit of $500,000. Comparatively speaking, the account type offers 30% reduced costs than the standard accounts. Also, if necessary, you might get a customer service representative who speaks your native tongue.

The VIP+ account requires a minimum initial deposit of $1,000,000. The account includes a personal relationship manager who speaks the local language, 1:1 TorroCapital access and invites to exclusive events.

It should be mentioned that by trading and earning points, you can upgrade your Bronze account to Platinum and the Platinum account to VIP, resulting in superior rates and services. If you trade stocks, exchange-traded funds, or exchange-traded notes for $10,000, you will receive 250 points. You must amass 120,000 points to upgrade your Classic account to Platinum. A VIP account requires 500,000 points to unlock.

Classic account to Platinum

Final Verdict 

We went over crucial parts of TorroCapital in this review, and it is clear that the company is a reliable choice. When it comes to asset classes, TorroCapital has very high standards, offering 60,000+ securities at competitive pricing and with optimal liquidity. The broker offers specialized platforms and mostly targets professional traders; however, it is friendly for beginners too. Also, fees drop as you upgrade your account, and the minimum deposit needed to start is 250.

Overall we would recommend this broker to our readers for many of its benefits. If you’re looking for a good broker, check out TorroCapital. Happy trading!