Top Trending Meme Coins

Top Trending Meme Coins

A meme project, MicroPets, built on the Binance Smart Chain, created people’s favorite pet coins. According to its official website, they have taken people’s favorite memes and shaped them as adorable pets that investors can trade or gamble. The reward depends on the rarity of the MicroPet.

If you want to play MicroPets, you need to buy a crate from the shop, and access it via their app. Users can find the app via Chrome browser using a WalletConnect extension or MetaMask.

The price of one crate is 250 million PETS, which is around $850. Users willing to buy a smaller crate can get it for only 25 million PETS, approximately $85.

Users can open a variety of pets with crates. 

The best place to purchase PETS would be on PancakeSwap. If you want to start with NFTs, buying the smaller crate could be a way to start making passive rewards.


Other meme projects


It is a meme token with a deflationary supply built on the Binance Smart Chain. According to its official website, the idea of this token is to unite a community on the Mars mission.

Looking at MarsRise’s current price action, it’s evident that this coin seems to be highly volatile. 


It is another meme token. According to its official website, it is an innovative AI Rebase token. AI automatically estimates the most appropriate gain and passively rewards coins. For the higher proportion of the dividends, the user should purchase it earlier and keep it longer.

GFloki is currently trading at $0.00000001255 and has one of the highest.


It is a play-to-earn Arcade platform with classic minigames with playable NFT characters.

Users can check out its experience and earn rewards for playing different games. The platform aims to develop blockchain gaming. At the moment, players can play the first game developed by the studio, Moon Invaders.