Top Stocks of Companies You Can Buy in December

Top Stocks of Companies You Can Buy in December

2019 is on its way to being one more great year for investors. All three major U.S. stock indexes are up. In a current pricey stock market, real bargains are few, but still, there are some excellent stocks to buy. Here are the top three companies’ shares to buy the next month, including American Tower, Livongo Health, and Apple.

American Tower is a specialty real estate investment trust. The company owns and rents out space on cellphone towers to major telecommunications companies that need to expand their networks’ coverage.

To generate better returns, American Tower can rent out space on all its towers to several telecom companies simultaneously.

It may sound like one of the most boring businesses. But it is making up for it with high returns on investment and massive growth opportunities.

Performances of These Companies Might Seem Attractive

News in the Asian Stock MarketThe other stock that may interest you is Livongo Health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its National Diabetes Statistics Report in 2017.

According to the report, over 114 million people were diagnosed with diabetes or showing prediabetes signs in 2015. The number has likely gone higher since then.

Livongo provides solutions not only helping to understand the metrics that should matter to them but also encourage actual behavioral changes in patients with chronic conditions.

Furthermore, Over the past year, Livongo Health’s sales gained 148% to 46.7 million dollars.

Another company that might catch your attention is Apple. Some investors might focus on the declination of iPhone sales. But the company’s significant opportunity for growth comes from the service segment, including App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and Apple TV+ subscription services. Services revenues grew by 18% in the recent quarter to a record of 12.5 billion dollars.

Moreover, Apple also has one of the most successful lineups of wearable technology, including AirPods, Apple Watch, and Beats headphones.

Apple might not be able to rely on the iPhone for revenue growth anymore. But the company’s impressive gains in its services segment and wearable technology prove that this tech stock might be the stock to buy in December.