Tired of crypto volatility? here’s some great stocks for you

Tired of crypto volatility? here’s some great stocks for you

Popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have been extremely volatile. Remarkably, they have boosted over the past year, and they’ve each dropped by more than 30% from their highs in the last weeks. That kind of volatility is hard to handle.

If you are looking for potentially enriching investments without such wild swing, here is some outstanding stocks for you. Let’s see why Enbridge, and First Solar are better options.


Enbridge has a collection of offshore wind power projects in Europe under way. That will help to power the world with clean energy that could be used to mine for digital coins. The firm’s clean energy business is only around 3% of adjusted EBITDA today. However, it will grow in the years ahead thanks to investments like this and others.

However, the other 97% of adjusted EBITDA is more interesting. About 54% comes from oil pipelines, 29% from natural gas pipelines, and 14% from a natural gas distribution business. Notably, it is a North American category leader in each of these divisions. And it is these operations and the reliable cash flows they generate that will provide the foundation for the firm’s future growth in renewable power.

We all know that the negative stigma is attached to carbon-based businesses today. Notably, Enbridge’s dividend yield is a hefty 7%. And that’s backed by more than 25 years of annual dividend raises. A clean energy shift and big quarterly dividend checks might be something that you need.

First Solar

Cryptocurrencies fell earlier this month after Elon Musk announced his company might stop accepting Bitcoin as payment because of the growing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining. This has spurred debates about crypto energy use and how renewable energy could be an answer. To put it in another way, crypto miners could adopt renewable energy sources and provide the solar energy market a much-needed fillip. One solar stock you might need is First Solar.

First Solar is a major provider of solar solutions and is known for thin-film photovoltaic modules that are more efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, it is a great choice for utility-scale solar projects.

With solar installation in the U.S. alone projected to increase threefold over the next decade, First Solar indeed has great potential.