Tile and HP work together to enable tracing your laptop

Tile and HP work together to enable tracing your laptop

Tile is one of the world’s leading smart location company. It has recently partnered with HP to introduce additional PC devices with Tile’s finding technology. They aim to offer peace of mind to millions of people who navigate working from home. The same is true for those preparing to head back into the office.


After today, HP’s popular EliteBook 800 G8 Series, including the x360 830, 830, 840, and 850 models, along with the ZBook Firefly 15 G8 and ZBook Firefly 14 G8, will ship with Tile pre-installed. These new devices will join the Elite Dragonfly and EliteBook 1000 Series in HP’s steadily growing lineup of Tile-enabled devices.


CJ Prober, CEO of Tile, stated that they are making Tile’s technology more accessible and simple through pre-installed software solutions. Most importantly. These will not require changes to the hardware. Besides, Prober states that they are collaborating with HP to be the first OEM to integrate this capability into their products. They will also extend the collaboration to Intel in order to enable this software-only version of Tile. This collaboration is a significant milestone in delivering peace of mind to IT departments, as well as end-users.


How does this technology work?


After activating through the Tile Windows app, ZBook Firefly and EliteBook 800 Series users can take advantage of Tile features on the Tile mobile app. Using it, they can find their laptop if nearby or far away. Furthermore, these features work when the device is in sleep, soft off, or hibernate mode.


Whether preparing to head back into the office or working from home, the ability to find your laptop is crucial. Earlier this year, Tile reported that almost 72 percent said the ability to locate their misplaced or lost laptop would be very or extremely valuable.


This is Tile’s first device integration with Intel after the company announced a collaboration effort earlier this year. Presently, the Intel and Tile teams work closely with PC manufacturers as they are trying to determine the best Tile experience for their users.

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In 2021, Tile will come pre-installed on select HP-11th Gen Intel Core Platforms. These are configured with Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) WLAN cards and have integrated Intel Bluetooth.


Eric McLaughlin, the Vice President Client Computing Group and GM Wireless Solutions Group at Intel, noted that by integrating Tile capabilities into their Wi-Fi / Bluetooth solutions for Intel PC platforms, they have made it extremely easy for their PC partners to activate Tile and offer this feature to users.


Tile also partners with Comcast, Skullcandy, Herschel, and Bose, among others. As a result, virtually any product can be Tile-enabled today.

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