Three Tech Stock Giants on the 2020 Market

Three Tech Stock Giants on the 2020 Market

There were quite a lot of changes at the beginning of 2020. Tension rose between the USA and Iran, the trade war with China is ongoing, and the U.S. presidential elections are not far in the future. Because of these worrisome events, there are chances that tech investors will move on to other stocks. But some of them manage to stay unfazed and continue growth despite high potential risks. Such top three tech stocks are:

  1. Twitter – the media platform (NYSE: TWTR)
  2. Adobe – software maker (NASDAQ: ADBE)
  3. AMD – Chipmaker company (NASDAQ: AMD)


Twitter May Go on the Rebound in 2020

Twitter, a well known social media giant, hopes to become a beneficiary of a double-digit rise in its ad spendings. The advertiser is planning to spend somewhere USD341 billion in 2020. According to the Wall Street analysts, Twitter can become a big winner if its user base continues to grow steadily. Bank of America predicts a 25% growth in shares.

Adobe Continues to Grow Steadily

Last year Adobe got a rise of 44% thanks to its growing cloud business, and analysts are expecting that this result will double in 2020. The success is mostly due to Adobe’s cloud computing trend, which is providing customers access to its top software solutions. Experts on Wall Street think that some shares can even hit USD410 in 2020, which means a 23% growth.


AMD is Trading Higher in 2020

This tech stock giant ended 2019 with 140%, which was quite a good result, and its trading is rising again in 2020. AMD continues to launch new products, which helps to strengthen its competitive position against Intel and brings the stock even more success. The Wall Street investment firm expects that growth will continue in the future.