The Risk of U.S. Recession in the U.S. and Europe

The Risk of U.S. Recession in the U.S. and Europe


Investors were feeling good towards the China-U.S. trade deal, but some data which will come out this week might change their optimism.

Between July and September, Germany’s economy decreased by 0.1%. The falling demand for the autos and trade war between the U.S. and China affected Germany as well.


The ING’s Chief Economist from Germany, Carsten Brzeski, said that there is no reason for anxiety. He also added that Germany could avoid facing a recession.   

In the next days, there will be a testimony from the Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell. He will have to explain some critical issues. For example, why are the three straight insurance cut projects not working? Also, there will be a question about why there are weak business investments and manufacturing data.

The GDP of Great Britain will come on Monday. United Kingdom’s economy reduced the first time since 2012. Nevertheless, economists believe the country will not face a recession. This is because the U.K. economy has hit a 0.4% growth notch between July and September.


Consumers Save the U.S. Economy


Nathaniel Meyersohn, who works at CNN, said that Walmart’s stocks are operating very well– like never before. He also praised U.S. consumers for there attitude.


The secret of Walmarts success is that its target group is middle and lower-income consumers. The company invested a significant amount of money in remodeling stores, expanded on online deliveries and pickups, and lowered prices. 


After the small decline in retail sales, in September, economists expect a rise of 0.2%. The Chief U.S. economist, Morgan Stanley, said that U.S. consumers are in the best shape in comparison to other nations’ consumers.


Disney+ and the U.S. Economy

The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, dominated in 2019. CNN Business worker, Frank Pallotta, pointed out that in the 2019 box office of Disney’s film studio hit its highest number in history.


But none of this matters if the Disney+, subscription video-on-demand streaming service owned by the Walt Disney, will not be a hit. The industry of the media is growing very fast, and Disney+ needs to be above Apple, CNN parent AT&T, Comcast, Amazon, and Netflix.

Disney+ will be available in the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States from Tuesday.

Economists anticipate that Disney+ will say its word in the growth of the U.S. economy as did Disney.  


Bob Iger and Risky Business

To stay ahead of the curve and be first in the competition of the industry, the streaming media, Disney+, will be executed. The future of the company is Disney+.


A Disneys’ managing partner and shareholder Trip Miller characterized Bob Iger as a very intelligent and calculated risk-taker. In 2009, Iger bought Marvel studios for $4 billion, and in 2012, he purchased Lucasfilm, Star Wars, for $4 billion as well.

His first move was to improve Disney’s animation studio, after suffering significant losses from the films “Home on the Range,” “Treasure Planet” and “Brother Bear.”


So in the circumstance Disney+ will be a successful project, the U.S. Economy will manage to avoid a recession. This will help the U.S. economy become even bigger and stronger.