The Future of Restaurant Technology

The Future of Restaurant Technology

The pandemic has posed a severe challenge to the trading sector and businesses. Winds that rocked the trade sector were one of the strongest in the past two years. Although the epidemiological situation is still not so good today; People have learned to adapt and coexist with the current environment. Indeed, those who survived the economic crisis.

Technology plays a massive role in the restaurant business. What was innovative a few years ago, even mobile ordering is now hard in the digital world to surprise consumers with an existing service. However, life goes on, and everything is evolving day by day. What’s next? What should we expect in this area? Expectations and possible innovations for the latest customer experience.

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are an already well-established part of the restaurant ecosystem. Recent surveys show that more than 80% of consumers have no problem using it. This means that 80% of consumers know what a ghost kitchen is. However, ghost kitchens are not yet close to their final shape.

In 2021 we saw a hybrid model that emphasizes take-off; However, it also includes a traditional restaurant format, with showcases and, in some cases, even dining rooms. In 2022, ghost kitchens should increase efficiency by adding more automation and delivery processes.


The progress of robots is becoming more and more noticeable not just in the kitchen but in any area. It will not be surprising to assume that they should be expected in 2022 in the restaurant business, especially after the entry of such big players as DoorDash and Uber Eats.

The Metaverse

Metaverse combines the digital and physical worlds. This is with the help of technologies such as virtual reality. This can have a severe impact on how restaurants sell and operate.

The Meta version is still in its infancy, although some restaurants have already begun experimenting. Chipotle launched a virtual restaurant in October. Customers can visit Chipotle’s Roblox restaurant; Get free code for real-life burritos, as well as Chipotle digital points for in-game use.

Given all the real-world problems that restaurants are currently facing. This concept may not sound very appealing. Most experts believe that a fully realized meta-version is still years away. However, with the help of significant investments from companies like Facebook, this is something that businesses will consider. As for the restaurant business, we should expect Metaverse next year.

Like other businesses, restaurants will develop their journey and become more profitable and adaptable. We expect more from 2022. Companies are going to surprise us. So let’s wait their turn to give us the best customer experience.