The Financial Investment Group Review

The Financial Investment Group Review

General Information

Broker Name: The Financial Investment Group (

Broker Type: Crypto

Country: UK

Operating since year: 1985

Regulation: /

Address: 30 Holborn,

London EC1N 2HR

Broker status: Active

Customer Service

Phone: ‍+ 441313789535 United Kingdom

+ 14378861138 Canada

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English

Availability: Mon – Fri 10:00-19:00 Toronto time


The Trading platforms: Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: GMT

Demo account: N/A

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: N/A

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit ($): $250

Maximal leverage:  1:400

Spread: Floating

Scalping allowed: Yes


Review of The Financial Investment Group: broker with a high degree of quality

Broker Review: The Financial Investment Group (

The Financial Investment Group is a veteran brokerage that offers trading services for a range of assets. The brokerage operates from the UK, more precisely 30 Holborn, London EC1N 2HR. Although The Financial Investment Group has been around for over three decades, it’s recently rebranded. That means its current form aims to keep up with trends in the trading industry and fit the needs of modern traders. Our The Investment Group review will tell you all you need to know about the recent changes.

As we said, the broker has undergone a bit of an overhaul as a means of attracting new traders and investors. The brokerage landscape has changed massively since The Financial Investment Group’s inception, so it needs to adapt. That starts from its website, which needs to convey the broker’s desired image as well as the necessary info. Here’s a good place to mention that The Investment Group aims to be an all-around brokerage accessible to most.

And its website does definitely let users know exactly that. It looks nice and professional, as expected from a brokerage, and runs smoothly. More importantly, it’s great at conveying crucial information to potential customers. That cuts out the frustration of not finding what you need to know about your broker. It also makes the entire research process much quicker and less tedious.

That means our Financial Investment Group review is off to a good start. Naturally, just a fancy website won’t impress us, but it shows the baseline effort the broker puts in. In the rest of our review, we’ll go over the broker’s other features in further detail. For now, let’s look at some advantages:

Invest smarter and safer

  • Cheap Diverse Accounts

One of The Financial Investment Group’s leading properties is the account selection which allows traders to customize their experience. Namely, there are options for both budget and luxury investors, which increases the broker’s versatility and overall experience customization. The starting account is cheap, and the upgrades function via cumulative deposits. That means even traders that can’t usually access luxury features can achieve them overtime when their deposits add up. Overall, the broker’s features let traders express their skills and achieve their preferred trading conditions.

  • New Trader-Friendly

The broker also does quite well in welcoming traders with little or no experience under their belts. Anyone that’s tried on trading can attest to the initial steps being the most stressful, if not the hardest. The software and language seem alien, and it’s easy to start feeling lost and overwhelmed. The Financial Investment Group helps with an excellent, intuitive platform that lets inexperienced customers learn quickly. On top of that, it also has an extensive educational service, covering terms, various assets, and much more.


Funds Trading and Security

One of the primary criteria you need to judge when looking for a new broker is their security. With the accessibility of online trading, it’s never been easier for scammers to set up businesses that appear valid. That’s increased the amount of concern the average trader needs to select a safe broker. Remember that a scammy brokerage can harm you way more than an underwhelming one, so err on the side of caution. In this part of The Financial Investment Group review, we’ll go over its trust and safety measures.

For starters, we’d like to bring up that the brokerage operates from the UK, which is more significant than it appears. Namely, brokers in countries with solid legislation are much safer than those outside. Regardless of their internal rules, brokers in the UK need to follow strict guidelines for financial businesses. That alone vastly reduces the chance of something shady going on behind the scenes. That’s why scam brokerages often pick more obscure locations for their operations.

We should also state that the broker tries to be as transparent as it can. The information is vividly clear, and the payment structure doesn’t hide any unwanted surprises. As such, all the usual signs of malicious brokerages are absent. Adding onto that, the legal documentation is also clear, including the terms and conditions. Overall, the brokerage doesn’t seem to have any ill intent towards customers.

As for external security, the broker uses the usual combination of encryption and authenticators. Even though the two are relatively simple to establish, they go a long way towards preventing cyberattacks. Because of that, it’s unlikely that your funds or information will fall into the wrong hands. In combination with its trust, we believe that establishes The Financial Investmenct Group as a secure brokerage.


The Trading Accounts

An important part of our The Financial Investment Group review was looking at the broker’s accounts. How a brokerage sets up its account typing plays a vital role in determining many things. For starters, the minimum deposit tells you how accessible a broker’s service is for new and budget traders. For The Financial Investment Group, that number is at $250, making it in line with a standard budget-friendly brokerage. You can still trade with the initial deposit, making it quite friendly for beginners.

The account structure is also fairly standard, with tiered accounts based around different deposit levels. That makes it simple for the brokerage to balance out budget users and those with deeper pockets. Later accounts unlock more luxury features that make their price points worth it. As we outlined earlier in our Financial Investment Group review, the account setup results in a more balanced and customizable experience.

The Trading Accounts


Trading Conditions at

As we said earlier in our The Financial Investment Group review, you should consider safety before conditions. However, the online brokerage landscape is vast, and if you look, you can find brokerages that compromise neither. That’s why the online broker world is so cutthroat since all brokers compete with top dogs instead of nearby companies. However, The Financial Investment Group is an experienced company and knows how to handle itself. The rebranding introduced some new and desired features, while their experience guarantees quality.

First, the pricing is transparent and quite favorable towards users at all levels. Pricing is the first trading condition you should look at, as it most directly impacts your trading profit rate. Furthermore, the brokerage welcomes all tactics, opting not to ban scalping like some. To aid that, the leverage high-intensity investing tactics often like to use is at 1:400. The absence of overnight fees on specific accounts makes long-term investing viable as well.

The broker has a newly-found focus on crypto trading, and many features the higher account types unlock have to do with that. The broker has many crypto-specific features, such as access to crypto arbitrage rates, exclusive crypto reports, and customized packages. That makes the broker a fantastic choice for crypto traders, especially if they’re interested in other assets as well. The broker also has personalized trading and educational sessions for specific customers, which can be massively beneficial. Lastly, even the cheapest account includes some luxury features, such as the personal manager. Trading Platform

Trading Platform

The Financial Investment Group offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that makes trading accessible to everyone. However, that doesn’t stop it from including sophisticated analytical features and various graph and indicator options. That makes the software ideal for both newer traders and those with more experience. The platform also comes in web and mobile variations which increases accessibility. You can access the platform through a button on the broker’s landing page and check it out for yourself.


The Financial Investment Group’s Trading Products

One significant part of The Financial Investment Group’s service is its variety of assets. It has a full set of trading instruments and particularly focuses on cryptocurrencies, as we said earlier in our Financial Investment Group review. The selection inside each category is deep, and most traders are aware of the benefits that brings. Here’s a rundown of the asset classes the broker offers:

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices


Customer Service

The Financial Investment Group has a standard customer support setup that’s easy to use. The customer service agents work Mon – Fri 10:00-19:00 Toronto time. During that time, they’re quick to respond and quite knowledgeable about the issues that may arise. That leads to an overall pleasing customer service experience.

Phone: ‍+ 441313789535 United Kingdom

+ 14378861138 Canada

Email: [email protected]



As you could see from our The Financial Investment Group review, the brokerage is quite competent. It managed to leverage its experience and create a service that retains a high degree of quality. However, it also modernized with a broad array of features that modern traders enjoy. The focus on crypto is also something few online brokers provide, placing The Financial Investment Group ahead of the curve.

Needless to say, we’re content with recommending the brokerage. It’s got a good dose of versatility while each section of its service is favorable towards users. As such, The Financial Investment Group brings a skill-expressive experience where crafty traders can flourish.