The Apple AR Headset Can Replace the iPhone

The Apple AR Headset Can Replace the iPhone

Apple’s first AR glasses will be released in late 2022. Some suggest that this technology will replace the iPhone in the next ten years. Apple changed the world for tech lovers a decade ago. However, what will happen in 10 years? According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple AR glasses will replace the iPhone in the next ten years.

According to Kuo, the replacement process will begin in late 2022, when Apple debuts on the new AR headphone. The first generation Apple AR headset will work independently, without the need for an iPhone or Mac. Apple needs to provide a comprehensive range of apps to support the replacement of the iPhone.

Apple’s new AR headset will support AR content and VR Sony 4K Micro OLED display; This requires Apple’s silicon horsepower in the M1-style SoC. Analysts say Apple’s AR headset needs a separate processor; The reason is that the computing power of the sensor is significantly higher than that of the iPhone. For example, an AR headset needs at least 6-8 optical modules to provide continuous video transparent AR services. The iPhone requires up to 3 optical modules running together, so it does not need continuous computing.

Experts offer that Apple’s AR headset, launched in 4Q22, will be armed with two processors. A higher-end processor will have the same computing power as the M1 for the Mac. The lower-level processor will be tasked with calculations related to the sensors. The PMU design is similar to the M1 in that it has the same computing power. A year later, Apple will change the whole technological game.

Apple Stocks and Plans

Apple shares rose 3.2% on Tuesday, despite a sharp drop in market indices. Investors were surprised by the comments made by the chairman of the Federal Reserve. He suggested that the powerful central bank could reverse the stimulus measures sooner than it had anticipated. Apple seems to have survived this turmoil. In the last 12 months, the iPhone maker has generated a staggering $95 billion in net revenue. It also released $93 billion in free cash flows.

Financial strength is forcing Apple to withstand even the worst of market failures. Moreover, the company has promising long-term growth initiatives; Which may lead its shares to even greater heights. In parallel, the tech giant is working on several important virtual and augmented reality projects.