Part III: Technological World of 2020 and Its Forecasts

Part III: Technological World of 2020 and Its Forecasts

In 2020 intelligent planning will aid businesses in identifying creative ways that the workforce can quickly deploy. It will use external data such as social media sentiment, etc., and internal data like advertising and marketing plans, historic demand, and product launches. It will anticipate the required staff and demand accordingly.

Thanks to the ultimately implementing artificial intelligent supported planning technology to the workplace will allow businesses to address the demands of the modern workforce in 2020. They will maintain efficiency to facilitate a positive work environment in doing so.

Technology Details of 2020

SVP of data firm Qlik, James Fisher, explains that the data analysis effects on vast amounts of data now reached a tipping point. It will bring us a landmark in achievements. We all probably know Shazam. It is famous for musical service where you can make sound recordings and get info about the identified song. This strategy has expanded to more use cases. For example, clothes where you shop simply by a photo analyzing, and identifying animals or plants.

We will see more evidence for data “Shazaming” in the enterprise in 2020. For example, pointing to a source of data getting telemetry where it comes from, or who is using it. It also will tell what the quality of the data is and how much the data has changed on a specific day. Algorithms will suggest new data that should be analyzed with it. It will also help analytic systems fingerprint the data and find insights and anomalies. These updates will make analytics and data leaner, enabling us to consume the right data at the right time.

Head of Machine Learning and Automated analysis at Mixpanel, Adam Kinney says that machine learning and artificial intelligence will be used for understanding complex patterns across the sets of data and users’ behaviors. We will also see a critical development of causal inference in 2020.