Tech Giants are Willing to Develop Their Own Chips 

Tech Giants are Willing to Develop Their Own Chips 

Some of the most well-known tech giants are not content with relying on standard chips that are in high demand. So, they decided to develop their own semiconductors. Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Baidu, and Apple are bringing certain aspects of chip development in-house to improve the situation.

The companies mentioned above want custom-made chips that will meet their requirements. Such chips can perform better, also companies will be able to reduce costs thanks to their own chips. Another reason is the ongoing global chip shortage. Even before the ongoing chip crisis, many companies were not happy with their reliance on chipmakers. Unsurprisingly, tech giants are ready to spend millions of dollars to solve most if not all problems. 


Tech giants and their projects 

Tech giants are working hard to create their own chips. In November 2020, Apple made an important announcement. The company announced that it was moving away from Intel’s x86 architecture to make its own M1 processor. The tech giant is using its M1 processor in new iMacs as well as iPads.

Tesla also decided that it wants to develop its own chips. It announced that it is building a “Dojo” chip to train AI networks in data centers. In 2019, the carmaker started producing cars with its custom AI chips that help-on-board software make decisions in response to what’s happening on the road. 

Another tech giant Baidu launched an AI chip that’s designed to help devices process huge amounts of data. Its other function is to improve computing power. The “Kunlun 2” can be used in areas such as autonomous driving. Baidu’s chip already entered mass production.

When it comes to tech giants which are developing their own chips, we should also mention Amazon. It is developing its own networking chip to power hardware switches that move data around networks. The company already designs a number of other chips, so it has the ability to develop a new chip.